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UPDATE: 1 October victim gets new Red Cross card after 13 Action News story

Posted at 11:25 PM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-10 18:45:04-05

UPDATE NOV. 10: After 13 Action News stepped in, the Red Cross personally delivered a newly activated $1,000 debit card to Daniel Gonzales today. Anyone who received a card was supposed to use it within 60 days, but they understand people were in a state of trauma and may not have heard, read, or understood that. The Red Cross apologizes for any inconveniences it caused. 


A young man who survived the 1 October shooting was supposed to receive help from a charity but said it's turned into a headache. 

Daniel Gonzales is a young college student who was shot in the back while shielding his girlfriend from gunfire at the Route 91 Harvest festival. 

Gonzales said shortly after the shooting, the American Red Cross gave him a $1,000 debit card to help with medical bills. 

Gonzales tried to be responsible by saving the money for months. 

"It was more out of sight, out of mind until I needed it," Gonzales said. "And then by the time I needed it, I wasn't able to use it." 

Gonzales tried to withdraw money using the card in January, and was told the card was expired. 

He tried to get answers from the Red Cross, but was unsuccessful. 

"All I got was transferred here, transferred there," he said. 

Gonzales said he contacted the bank and was told the funds had been reversed in December. He said he was never told he had to use the money before then. 

13 Action News reached out to the local chapter of the American Red Cross. A spokesperson said the organization is looking into the matter. 

Gonzales hopes he'll be able to use the money he was relying on for medical expenses. 

"I know its only $1,000 and that's nothing compared to the medical bills that I have, but it's something and it's a start," he said.