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1 October victim dealing with PTSD loses $10,000 scholarship after shooting

Posted at 8:57 AM, Jan 25, 2018

Dealing with life after the 1 October shooting has been difficult for many survivors. But for a local teen, the PTSD that set in after the shooting has taken over her future. 

Cody Jones is a sophomore at the College of Southern Nevada. She studies hard because she wants to become a military pilot. Since the shooting, school hasn't been the same for the 19 year old. 

"Normally, I can get through a test like easy breeze, not just stare at it," Jones said. 

Since the shooting, Jones has had a hard time focusing on the lessons during class and instead she said she spends much of her time focusing on whether or not she's safe. 

"It's a lot of anxious feelings, I'm always looking for the exits," Jones said. 

Things have gotten so bad, Jones' GPA plummeted and she recently lost a $10,000 scholarship, which she said she needs in order to pay for school. 

Jones said she didn't understand why she was failing, until she began getting help for her PTSD.

She believes many students are struggling like she is, but aren't being provided the help they may need. 

"Yes, I know they had the programs, but I didn't know where to go or how to get to them," Jones said. 

Jones wants to see schools become more active in providing support for studying survivors. 

"This happened in the school's hometown, they have to understand that a lot of people were there and we're students," Jones said. 
13 Action News reached our to CSN who could not comment on Jones' case, but did send this statement about how they are trying to help their students. 
"While we cannot talk about the circumstances of individual CSN students, we can say that CSN makes every effort to provide the resources all of our students need to be successful. These include counseling and psychological services, advising, tutoring, careful monitoring of academic progress and help when it is needed, and a fully engaged faculty. We address specific student needs on a case-by-case basis when necessary, as we are in this case."
Source: Richard Lake, CSN