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1 October survivors honor victims of Florida school shooting

Posted at 9:26 PM, Feb 16, 2018

They hugged and wiped away the tears. They lit candles, read the names of the young people who lost their lives in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. And most of all they told the world they hold the victims and survivors in their hearts.

Dozens of people crowded the community healing garden in Downtown Las Vegas. They understand the pain and trauma the people in Parkland are suffering. This group survived the 1 October shooting.

"I knew what these kids were feeling," said Teche Bergeron, hit in the leg with shrapnel at the harvest festival. "So scary, so scary."

Bergeron, a mom told us her heart broke as she thought of the children who died in the school shooting.

"You just feel out of control and just wish you could help them," Bergeron said.

"Sick to my stomach, just absolutely horrified that someone else is going through this," said
Stacie Armentrout, a 1 October survivor and a mom as well, said this group of survivors share a special bond with the people of Florida. "We want to send our love and support to all those affected by that. We're here for them. We love them. We support them and we're going to stand strong with them."