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'Door Diving' leaves garage doors smashed in, homeowners with pricey repair

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-06 10:36:54-05

Door Diving. Is it a thing? It might be.

Innocent people are discovering their garage doors smashed in near the Silverado Ranch area.

"It was totally caved in," said Sunny Ashenfelter. 

Ashenfelter believes she fell victim to the door divers Tuesday night.

"All of a sudden I hear a big huge boom and the whole house shakes," Ashenfelter said.

The damage was so bad to her garage, Ashenfelter couldn't open the door leaving her car stuck inside.

But what was it that hit her door? At first she thought it may have been a car.

"I didn't see a car, I didn't see any paint on the garage door at all," Ashenfelter said.

Neighbors believe the damage was caused by teens slamming their bodies into the door as a prank.

"In my opinion this is vandalism," said Alejandro Gutierrez, Owner of Valley's Best Garage Door.

Gutierrez, who repairs garage doors in Silverado Ranch, believes these door divers are the ones leaving behind the damage.

He said many doors across the Valley are made with flimsy material that can easily be bashed in by a person.

Ashenfelter posted the damage on The Nextdoor App where several other people responded seeing the same problem.

Police told 13 Action News they have not seen a trend when it comes to smashed garage doors in the area.

But trend or not, the price tag that comes with the damage is no joke. Ashenfelter is hoping her renter's insurance will cover a $1,000 repair.