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UPDATE: 22 Las Vegas Paving Corp. workers win nearly $2 million Powerball prize

Posted at 1:27 PM, Feb 01, 2018

UPDATE MAY 3: The nearly $2 million Powerball winner in January wasn't just one person but a whole group of Las Vegas workers. 

A group of 22 workers from construction company Las Vegas Paving Corp. have been pooling their money every month for more than a decade to play Powerball and Mega Millions. In the Jan. 31 Powerball drawing, they ended up winning $1,999,845.

These lucky 22 friends work together at Las Vegas Paving Corp. They split nearly $2 million after matching five of the six numbers from the January 31 Powerball draw. The group’s winning numbers were 4-7-14-46 and 59. They only missed the red Powerball number -- 22. 

This same group of 22 has been trying to hit it big for more than a decade. Tom Hampton faithfully collects all the money from his colleagues and, with his wife, makes the roughly 45-mile monthly pilgrimage to the Primm Valley Lotto store in Nipton, California. They purchase four weeks’ worth of Powerball and Mega Millions Advance Play tickets.

The group rented a private bus to claim their lucky ticket at the California Lottery’s Inland Empire District Office in San Bernardino. They even bought Scratchers tickets on the way.

As for the winners who split the nearly $2 million prize (before federal taxes), they have taken vacations, invested in kids' college funds and paid off debts.

Even after winning, the group of 22 is still interested in playing the lottery.


One lucky visitor to the lotto store in Primm is now a millionaire.

The player's ticket matched the numbers 4, 7, 14, 46 and 59. And while the player didn't match the Powerball number, 22, they still win a total of $1,999,845.

California Lottery officials strongly encourage winners to sign the back of their tickets in ink and familiarize themselves with the Winner's Handbook, which can be found here.

Primm Valley Lotto will also receive a $9,999 bonus for selling the winning ticket. California Lottery officials say this bonus is not subtracted from the winner's prize.