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Fiancee of I-75 rock throwing victim says she will try to forgive teens

Posted at 8:16 AM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-24 11:44:39-04

The father and fiancée of Kenneth White, the man who died after being hit by a rock thrown from an I-75 overpass in Michigan, spoke out shortly before his funeral on Monday morning.

Amiee Cagle spoke to ABC12 right after she learned five teens would be facing second degree murder charges in his death.

"I just hope they realize their actions, and how many lives they torn apart, and know that what they did was wrong," Cagle said at ABC12.

"I don't know what's going through somebody's mind to even make them think to do something like that," Kenny White, Kenneth's father, said to WNEM.

Alexander Miller, 15, Mark Sekelsky, 16, Mikadyn Payne, 16, Trevor Grey, 15 and Kyle Angler, 17, are all charged with second degree murder in Kenneth White's death. Angler is allegedly the one who threw the rock. They are also charged with six counts of felony malicious destruction of property and two counts of misdemeanor malicious destruction of property.

"I'm glad they got them in custody, why only second degree?" Kenneth White's best friend Bill Landon told ABC12. "What did they think was going to happen?"

Kenny White said he doesn't think the punishment is enough.

"Even if they spend 30 years in prison, they get to wake up every single morning," he said to WNEM. "They still get phone calls from their parents, they still get visitors. My son don't get that no more."

They were allegedly playing a game they called "dinging" and had discussed throwing the rocks off the Dodge Rd. overpass.

Four cars hit the rocks of the road, but one rock crashed through the windshield of the van Kenneth White was riding in.

The sheriff and prosecutor say the teens also threw a tire off another overpass before throwing a total of 20 rocks, one that was 20 pounds heavy. When they were done, they went to a McDonald's.

All five of the teens were arraigned on Tuesday morning in Flint court. They are being held without bond.

Cagle said she will try to forgive the teens for what they did.

"Because I know that's what Kenneth would have wanted because he's a good man," she told ABC12. "He knows I'm a good-hearted person, and he was a good-hearted person, it's going to take time, a lot of time."