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New Oreo Churros hit grocery store shelves

Posted at 4:34 PM, Nov 20, 2015

You probably love both Oreos and churros as separate food items because, well, who doesn’t.

But imagine them fused together to create one epic dessert. The feat was already accomplished back in 2014 when the innovative “Oreo Churro” was first launched in Nov. 2014, but there were a few catches.

For starters, the snacks had to be heated up in order to be enjoyed. Moreover, the only source of crème came in individual cups within the package.
But now, the company has introduced a couple new snacks to the line: the 10-inch crème-filled Oreo Churro, as well as the Oreo Churros crème-filled bites, items that are already stuffed with the trademark crème and suited for Oreo lovers on the go. 
While the bite sized products will be sold nationwide in the frozen dessert section of most grocery stores, the 10-inch Churro sticks will only be available for purchase at food retailers like movie theaters and sporting events, WGN-TV reports.