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Edible Holiday Deserts 11/22/16

Posted at 11:24 AM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 14:24:14-05

Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino presents their holiday dessert guide that will truly bring out the holiday joy this season! With edible dessert sculptures, a pumpkin cheesecake and a seasonal favorite; cranberry creme brulee, the Westgate got your sweet tooth covered! Make sure to stop by this Thanksgiving to take advantage of their special dinner offers ranging from $23-$75 per person!

Cranberry Creme Brulee Recipe:


- Cranberry puree 4.5 oz

- Cherry Puree 4.5 oz

- Heavy Cream 9 oz

- Whole eggs 3 oz

- Egg yolks 3 oz

- Granulated sugar #1 4.5 oz



1. Mix together the purees and then

heat the puree. Add in the cold cream

and heat until hot.

2. Whisk together by hand the egg yolks

and whole eggs with the granulated

sugar #1.

3. Whisk in little by little the hot liquid

into the egg/ sugar mixture.

4. Put back over heat on low and warm


5. Strain.

6. Pour into 6 oz ramekins (5” shallow

ramekins or ramekin of your choice).

7. Bake @ 300 degrees F in a water bath

until set. Do not over bake!

Make the day or two before needed.

When serving sprinkle as needed

granulated sugar #2 on top and torch

with a blow torch. Garnish as desired

with fresh fruits and serve.

Recipe yields about 5 desserts when

served in 6 oz ramekins.


For more information, click here

This segment is sponsored by Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.