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Door-to-door deal could prove costly

Posted at 3:58 PM, Oct 28, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A knock on the door with what seemed like a great offer. But it almost proved costly.

Luckily, one valley woman trusted her gut and knew that something that seems too good to be true rarely is. 13 Action News Anchor Ross DiMattei sounds the alarm about a door-to-door deal that could end up working against you.

"The doorbell rang and I was wondering who it was," says Marian Bynum-Wallace.

She says she had an unexpected visitor come to her door.

"And I said yes, what can I do for you? And he said he was sent here by the Water Department," says Marian.


Marian was told she was eligible to receive a water filter, to be installed absolutely free. But she wasn't about to let anyone inside her home until she knew more.

"I said give me some information. You got some information I can read? And he had nothing but a clipboard," says Marian.

Marian says she refused to open her screen door.

"I said I'll check with the water department and then you can check back with me, because I'm not gonna let you in here. He said okay, well thank you, and left," says Marian.

That's when she picked up the phone and called customer service.


"I told them who I was. Did you send someone out to install water filters in homes? The lady that I was speaking to said no ma'am, we didn't do that," says Marian.

That's when Marian called Contact 13 and we turned to the Las Vegas Valley Water District for more answers.

"We have had some reports of some door to door salesmen," says Bronson Mack with the Las Vegas Valley Water District.

We're told the salesmen are posing as Water District and even city workers. Once they're inside, they're installing water filters for free, but there's a catch.


"The homeowners then enter into a long-term multi year rental agreement that could be very expensive to try to get out of," says Mack.

Remember, a legitimate Water District or city employee will never ask to enter your home or try collecting money. They'll also have an identifying logo on their shirt, plus an I.D. badge.

If you get someone at your door making any kind of offer, hold off on making a decision on the spot. Double, even triple check what they're telling you.

"Contact the Las Vegas Valley Water District to report that as well. We do track that information so we can also notify other customers," says Mack.

That's exactly what Marian is doing. She's spreading the word and telling others to be vigilant.

"Nothing is really free... Just don't open the door. Don't open the door," says Marian.

Click here if you're interested in reading more information from the Southern Nevada Water Authority about water filter options.