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Putting McDonald's new home delivery to the test

For $4.99, you can get fast food delivered
Posted at 8:25 AM, Jun 29, 2017

Feeling like french fries? Hankering for a happy meal?

Now there's an app for that: a new program called McDelivery.

Melvin Pickard, a spokesman for McDonald's, explains that for a $4.99 delivery charge, you can get that Big Mac meal brought right to your door.

"It comes back to the convenience of being able to get what they want, when they want it, delivered to their homes," he said.

Watch your food's status on your phone

McDonald's has partnered with UberEATS, which, unlike old fashioned pizza delivery, lets you know exactly when  your order's coming, to the minute.

"You can see when the food's being prepared," said UberEATS spokesman Paolo Lorenzoli. "You can see when it's being picked up from the restaurant, and watch the courier coming to you with your food, which allows you to know where things stand."

You might be wondering about why anyone would want fast food delivered to their door.

UberEATS explains that over the past year, despite offering delivery from dozens of local restaurants, one of the most searched for restaurants on their app was McDonald's, especially late at night. So adding it was a no-brainer.

Customer Rita Wellinghoff says the $5 cost seems high, but could be worth it for busy parents.

"It would be fun if they could be home and have their McDonald's and be able to spend more time with their kids," she said.

Now available in 1,000 restaurants

The program has launched in almost a thousand McDonald's restaurants around the country so far, with more coming every week.

You can tell if it is your area yet by downloading and checking the UberEATS app.

We followed one of the first Cincinnati orders to a local radio station, where the Uber driver showed up in 25 minutes. DJ Duke Hamilton said it's perfect for people like him who can't get away for lunch.

"That's pretty cool," Hamilton said.  

He said the food was still warm. Other people who have tried it, though, report one downside: the fries taste like 30-minute old fries. Obviously they are not freshly out of the fryer.  

But it would be the same if you picked up the food and brought it home yourself. So, if time is tight and you value convenience, this may be for you.


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