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This Modern Hostel In Iceland Has Space Pods For Guests To Sleep In

This Modern Hostel In Iceland Has Space Pods For Guests To Sleep In
Posted at 8:25 AM, Dec 30, 2019

If you want to feel like you’re visiting a galaxy far, far away, there isn’t a place on Earth that feels more like another planet than Iceland.

Not only do one-of-a-kind places like the famous Blue Lagoon or the island’s Reynisfjara Beach with its black sand and strange-looking pillars of basalt feel otherworldly, but the country now boasts its very own futuristic hostel called the Galaxy Pod.

The budget hostel is located in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavík and offers affordable nightly rates. Its main draw, however, is its space pod accommodations that have reportedly attracted droves of “Star Wars” fans. (Communal amenities like a VR gaming room, free Wi-Fi, and a fully-stocked kitchen probably haven’t hurt, either.)

blue lagoon photo
Getty Images | Maja Hitij

Although the Galaxy Pod’s transport ship-like beds that are stacked up on top of each other seem like they were pulled from a George Lucas movie, the hostel’s distinctly futuristic design was reportedly inspired by a different space-themed movie: the 1997 film “The Fifth Element.”

According to Sverrir Guðmundsson, the Galaxy Pod Hostel’s creator, the hostel’s inspiration came from the scene in the movie where Bruce Willis and Mila Jovovich’s characters go to sleep in a capsule bed aboard a departing spacecraft.

“Our pods are much cozier, but that movie really inspired me! I believe there is some romance in this kind of accommodation when you are traveling to a place like Iceland that pretty much looks like another planet,” Guðmundsson said to Lonely Planet.

In addition to their cool design, the space pod beds are decked out with amenities like Smart TVs, mood and reading lights, charging stations, locker, hangers, mirrors and privacy curtains.

Take a look at one of the pods in the Instagram photo below.

Whether you’re a “Star Wars” fan or not, sleeping in a space pod definitely seems like a worthy addition to a travel bucket list.

Is Iceland on your list of places to see?

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