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Las Vegas doctor discusses effectiveness, use of face masks

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Posted at 9:51 PM, Jul 12, 2020
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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Whether you wear a paper or cloth mask in public, Dr. Deborah Kuhls of the Clark County Medical Association says face coverings truly make a difference.

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“I start with the nose first and I make sure that that it’s well fitted, and then I’ll put it around my ears and I’ll make sure it covers my mouth as tightly as it can,” says Dr. Kuhls.

Dr. Kuhls says when we breathe or cough, we release respiratory droplets into the air and that's where the virus is concentrated.

She says it’s all the more reason to wear face coverings in public.

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“It protects those around us and we also protect ourselves in terms of inhaling air that is filtered by a mask,” says Dr. Kuhls.

While the mask helps to protect others, to keep yourself safe, don’t touch your face while the mask is on and make sure your nose is covered.

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Dr. Kuhls says a mask alone isn’t enough and stresses that social distancing helps.

“Lets say a particle does get out of my mouth and into the air around me, I’m now much less likely to expose someone else to it,” says Dr. Kuhls.

Dr. Kuhls says wearing a mask isn’t political, it’s medical.

She believes some of those not taking the advice from medical experts when reopening plans began across the country may be part of the high number of cases.

“They believe it’s their own strong immune system might protect them, and that’s not always the case, people who have died have been of many age ranges,” says Dr. Kuhls.

Another piece of advice from Dr. Kuhls is when storing a mask to place them in a paper bag and not a plastic one.

Also, place the inside of the mask with the face out.

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