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Is it too early for Halloween decorations? Here are 13 for which to plan ahead

Posted at 1:44 PM, Sep 15, 2017

Even though it's still September, for some folks the Halloween plans are already in the works. Candy and decorations fill the shelves at grocery stores. The costume shops are open and creative inspiration for spooky fun can be found all over social media.

Here are 13 ideas for Halloween decorations, costumes and treats that are getting attention on social media.

1. These little monsters look cute and delicious with no baking required. Here's how to make Halloween Oreo pops.

2. This display may require a trip to the hardware store, but the finished effect is pretty cool.

3. An old pair of shoes can be magically transformed into fabulous witch shoes with a bit of paint, glue and glitter. 

4. FOUND! Halloween snacks that are yummy, healthy and will look amazing at your kids or office Halloween party. 

5. Admit it, you'd freak out if you walked into a bathroom and saw this. All it takes to make this display is some plastic bugs and removable adhesive.

6. Here's an adorable and easy to wear costume for your little ones. Be on the lookout now to find those orange tees and hats then pick up the Cuties box from a grocery store.

7. These appetizers require some prep work and supplies, but the cheesy results appear to be worth the effort.

8. Glowsticks and a few supplies from the craft store can make amazing glowing ghosts to light up your front porch.

9. Coordinating costumes for your kids and dogs can be fun, even if you know your dog will only keep it on for the photo.

10.  Here's one you can bring to the office to surprise coworkers. They won't be expecting to see this when they open the donut box.

11. You can stick these inside a dark hallway or closet. These spooky eyes were made with lights from the dollar store and sharpies.

12. Look for unexpected sources of inspiration for your costume, like in the produce department of your grocery store.

13. These are surprisingly simple to make once you get the special baking pan. You can even use pre-made dough and make them ahead of time. Pizza skulls just might be the ultimate in Halloween cuisine.