Flus, cold and cavities: How cold medicine can affect your kids teeth

Posted at 8:50 AM, Feb 18, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- During this cold and flu season, dentists want you to take extra steps when giving cold and cough medicine to your children.

Dentists at Indiana University Health report many of the liquid medications are chock full of sugars, which end up coating teeth.

More than 400 of these medicines cause dry mouth, which means they're harder to dilute with saliva.

IU Health Dental Surgeon LaQuia Vinson said there are ways to keep your kid’s teeth clean and healthy, “A dry mouth increases the risk of dental decay. It's important when children are taking these medications, that they at least rinse especially right after using them, but stay hydrated as well."

Dr. Vinson also recommends if you’re not brushing your child’s teeth in the case that they are under the age of one, use a safe washcloth and water to wipe the teeth.