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Lowe’s Is Selling A 12-Foot Animated Mummy For Halloween

Lowe’s Is Selling A 12-Foot Animated Mummy For Halloween
Posted at 4:30 AM, Jul 14, 2022

While summer technically just started, Lowe’s is already looking ahead to Halloween with a new 12-foot animatronic that will make your front yard stand out this season.

Available exclusively at Lowe’s, the new Gemmy’s Haunted Living 12-foot Animated Mummy is draped in fabric that is distressed and discolored (as you’d expect for a mummy!) and has poseable arms so you can decorate it however you wish. Priced at $348, it moves and makes moaning sounds to surprise and spook your Halloween party guests and trick-or-treaters.


With a motion-activated on/off timer and light and volume controls, it will stay on for six hours and turn off for 18. You can also choose between four LED color options: red, green, blue or classic warm white. The mummy is collapsible for easy storage in the off-season.

It already went out of stock, but appears to be back — for now. A Lowe’s representative had confirmed to Simplemost that it would be available again online this month, and will additionally be in stores by mid-August. If you find it’s not available, you can sign up with your email address and Lowe’s will notify you when it’s back so you can quickly place an order before they’re all snatched up again.


Lowe’s has a handful of other animatronics that are less likely to disappear, including other ones from Haunted Living. The 7-foot Animatronic Reaper is priced at $199 and this 8.5-feet Talking Lighted Animatronic Clown is sure to produce some nightmares.

Priced at $229, the talking clown stands on its own and has a turning head, moving mouth and light-up eyes. It also makes sound. Dressed in a typical clown outfit with large red shoes, the animatronic is incredibly detailed with yellow eyes, a red nose, clown makeup and some teeth that could, let’s just say, use a good brushing.


If you’re a Halloween fanatic, chances are you remember Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton that sold out pretty much immediately in 2020, 2021 and again — already — this year.

Home Depot brought the skeleton back on June 16 and it once again sold out, but the home improvement store also confirms via Twitter that it will be back on July 15. How long it will stick around for this time is anyone’s guess, but if it’s been on your shopping list for a few years, you might want to grab it right away.

If you miss out on the giant skeleton once again, Home Depot will also have other “old giant friends,” as they call them, including what appears to be a skeleton with a pumpkin head, a werewolf and a witch.

For now, you can get your hands on everything from a 5-foot-1-inch pumpkin scarecrow for $70 to a 5-foot-8-inch Day Of The Dead Animatronic Skeleton Bride for $90 and a 7-foot, 4 inch  animated witch.

Priced at $90, the Haunted Hill Farm witch is touch-activated and can either hang indoors or stand up on a covered porch. With a long, pointy nose, she has tangled black hair and is dressed in a dark cloak and classic witch hat. Holding a bright red (and presumably poisoned) apple, the witch lights up and says “You’re not going in there, are you?” and “I’d turn back if I were you!”

Home Depot

Still not finding what you’re looking for? While Spirit Halloween will be announcing opening dates and their store locations on July 25, you can order on their website year-round, including a handful of giant animatronics.

For example, get Pennywise from “It” or Ghost Face from “Scream.” Other available products include a 6-foot Lunging Reaper that is sure to cause some screams and a super-creepy Grave Grabber — or, put another way, a zombie crawling out from a grave.

Spirit Halloween

The website also has numerous decorations, including an almost-life-size Grim Reaper. New last Halloween, the 5-foot Grim Reaper is back this year and priced at $70.

The Grim Reaper has light-up eyes and moves its head, falls forward and talks. It can be activated by sound, motion, or a step-pressure pad and is battery-operated, so you don’t need to worry about cords or finding a place to plug it in.

There’s also Party City, which has tons of Halloween animatronics available online year-round and will get some in-store the closer it gets to Halloween.

If you want to get a head start, you’ll currently find a 6-foot tall witch that lights up and speaks on sale for $21, a 5-foot posable skeleton for $59, a 6.6-foot Animated Michael Myers for $220 and more.

Party City

Happy (early) Halloween!

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