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Little Debbie Is Bringing Back Strawberry ‘Unicorn Cakes’ With Purple Glitter On Top

Posted at 4:30 AM, Jun 17, 2020

Have you been seeing more unicorns around lately? Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! These magical creatures are popping up all over the place, and not just on clothing or toys anymore!

In fact, the food industry has jumped on board the magical bandwagon when it comes to this mythical, beautiful animal. Hostess recently introduced brand new Unicorn Cupcakes to its permanent product line. And, Duncan Hines has individual Unicorn Cake Cups you can microwave and enjoy that includes pink-colored cake and multicolored sprinkles.

Little Debbie Cakes also has embraced the unicorn love and has its own snack cake dedicated to the magical, one-horned horse. The company previously released a limited-edition Unicorn Cake that was only sold at select Walmart stores. Now, this new and improved Unicorn Cake will be sold just about everywhere you can find your favorite snacks, including Walmart, Target, and more.

You can expect to pay about $2.19 per box, according to the company’s official press release. However, each store may have its own promotional pricing.

Little Debbie

“Bringing back this delicious favorite is so exciting for our brand fans and also for employees in the company,” said Tara Wiese, Little Debbie associate brand manager. “We are gearing up for the fun and smiles these snacks bring to everyday moments. We can’t wait to see consumers sharing their enjoyment on social media once they return to shelves again. We loved seeing Little Debbie snacks tagged in so many posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter during the first launch of Unicorn Cakes, and anticipate lots of Little Debbie fan excitement and creativity this go-around.”

Here’s a post from Twitter user @Randy_Haas showing the product from the first go-round. These round Unicorn Cakes appeared on shelves again in spring 2019.

The Little Debbie Unicorn Cakes start with a pink, strawberry cake layer filled with fun, lavender-colored vanilla cream in between the layers. Then, each rectangular cake is covered in white frosting. For an extra, magical touch, each frosted Unicorn Cake is drizzled with light blue icing and sprinkled with purple glitter!

Each box of Little Debbie Unicorn Cakes includes eight individually-wrapped cakes, which make them perfect for grab-and-go snacks or packing for a summer picnic lunch by the pool!

Plus, the company has included a cute unicorn mask on the back of the box. Simply cut along the lines to remove it. And enjoy!

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