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3 things you need to become a wine expert

Posted at 12:29 PM, May 31, 2017

You might think you need to go to a four year college and major in Wine Smarts to be a wine connoisseur but you don't.

All you need to do to become wise about wine is learn how to sharpen your senses; and lucky for you, Kristina Guerrero and professional wine expert Bianca Bosker, author of Cork Dork, have done the tough research to teach you three ways you can drink you wine like an expert.

1. Scent: Give Your Wine a Whiff

Don't turn up your nose about the idea of sniffing your wine before gulping it down. The more often you take notice of how certain wines smell, the more easier it will be to recognize the scent later on. Start off easy by remembering to sniff a wine that you know you like. That way you'll at least be able to start picking out your fave; then learn the others' scents as you learn to love them too.

2. Taste: There's More to It Than Just the Glass

You might think that when you drink a glass of wine, the flavor is all in the glass. But your environment can make your wine taste different. It might not change the chemistry of your wine, but the company you're with, even the craziness or calmness of your location, can affect how you feel about the wine - if you're distracted, you might not pay enough attention to the flavor and take it or leave it- or if you're annoyed by the music choice at the bar, you convey negative feelings towards your wine selection.

3. Touch: Get Complex By Adding Flavor

Okay, this one might be a stretch for the touch category, but you do have to touch your flavor additions to add them, right? ...nevermind.

The point we're getting to here is that you can enhance and learn to understand a wine's flavors by drinking it while also eating its corresponding flavor profiles. So, if your wine says it has raspberry and chocolate notes, indulge in raspberries and chocolate at the same time and see if you can really taste or smell those flavors in your wine.

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