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3 reasons why the American drive-in is making a comeback

Posted at 11:28 AM, Jun 23, 2017

It seems like everything old is becoming new again – from vinyl, 90s fashion, cassette tapes and now drive-in movies. Jimmy Rhoades wants you to rally the troops and pile in the minivan because we're hitting the double feature. Here are three reasons why the American drive-in is making a comeback.

1. A Chance to Get Out

A lot of the American population is really seeking that kind of classic Americana feel. A lot of the generational gaps have closed down and now we have mom and dad who were brought as a kid by their grandparents and now we have three generations visiting the drive-in.

2. Saving Money

Just like in the 50s and 60s, you can get two movies for the price of one. Movie theaters in big cities can charge around $12 for an adult ticket and $9 for kids. Compare that to a drive-in where it's usually only around $7 for grown-ups and $1 for kids under 12.

3. Do It Yourself

Thanks to the advancement of amazing projectors that are affordable you can now create the drive-in experience at your home. Just remember to open the garage if you turn your car on.

Big thanks to West Wind Glendale Drive-in Movie Theater’s Travis Brown!

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