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Pet of the week: senior Shih Tzu ready for new home after years of neglect

Posted at 8:44 AM, Feb 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-27 19:08:27-05

Vegas Pet Rescue Project introduces us to a senior Shih Tzu named Rey who is in need of a loving home after years of neglect.


Her rescuers sent 13 Action News information about her past and personality:

"This sweet senior Shih Tzu love came to us as a confiscation who wound up at the local shelter. She is approximately 12 yrs old and was completely neglected her whole life. Her coat was extremely matted to the point she needed a full shave. Her mouth sadly was left to rot so badly that the infection broke her little jaw in several places. But despite all this neglect she still loves people so much and is great with dogs too. We got her a full work up and extensive dental surgery and this lil lady is feeling so much better now. She actually has some energy now and loves to eat again. She will require soft food kidney diet moving forward as we did find her kidney values elevated and her urine to be concentrated showing signs of very early kidney disease. She will also likely need fluids to rehydrate and biannual checkups. We cannot express how lucky any family would be to adopt this special baby. She is undeniably perfect."


Anyone interested in donating or adopting Rey should visit the Vegas Pet Rescue Project website.