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ABC Kids Expo features new products to help parents

Posted at 6:59 AM, Oct 18, 2017

The ABC Kids Expo is happening now.

It's not open to the public, so 13 Action News went and scouted out some helpful products.

There are a few things on the convention floor that attach to things you already have, making life easier and safer.

One product is a simple lanyard with a clip. It fits into most every child seat buckle you'll find on the market. You leave it in the buckle when the child isn't in the seat and you have to remove it to buckle in your child. Once you do, you can wear it to remind you not to leave a baby in a hot car.

It's bright yellow so you can't miss it; it's called the baby safety snap selling for $14.99.

Sippy n'a jiffy sells screw tops for juice bottles. One package costs $13.99 and has two sizes that fit most juice bottles you'll find. This prevents spills, and you don't have to clean a dirty sippy cup.

Then there's the Grapple for $19.99. It's made of flexible silicone. It can suction onto any hard surface. There are little tethers that tie onto toys, that way baby can't keep throwing stuff on the ground.

"We spent our entire dinner retrieving toys off the ground that he had thrown, and so we thought there's got to be something out there that we can just plop down on the table and attach his toys to," said Amy Oh, the CEO of Boingy, the company that makes the Grapple.

You see it on your food and drinks, but we found a ton of stuff on the show floor marked organic or eco-friendly. Vendors say this is what parents keep asking about.

"When you have a child, when you have that life, your life-- your life-- just kind of extends into your child's life and that's another good 80 years," said Amy Liang, the co-founder of Babysoy.

The Babysoy line of clothes are made with soybean fiber. That means they use leftover pulp from tofu and soy milk production, which is normally thrown away. They mix it with organic cotton, meaning they can grow less cotton.

You can get a beanie for $8 and a onesie for $19.

The Bumbleride strollers are made from about 28 used plastic bottles. The metal is recyclable aluminum. They've also gone to great lengths to remove harmful chemicals like polyurethane foam.

Those strollers cost upwards more than $500.

Finally, the Avanchy dishes and bowls made from bamboo. The designer actually went to China to speak with the manufacturer and ensure the materials are harvested sustainably.

A bowl set costs $19.99.

Many of the vendors hopped on the green bandwagon because they're parents themselves.

"People are becoming more aware of it, you know, and people understand there are plastics out there. There are a lot of hazards for their children out there," said Faisal Khan, the founder of Avanchy.

The convention ends October 19.