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How to buy a mattress without losing sleep

Posted at 5:41 AM, Nov 18, 2015

Your mattress is the one item in your home that is probably used the most. You sleep on it; your day begins and ends on it. Your mattress is also usually the item that determines whether you get a good night's sleep and affects your personal life, health, and your workday.

The high impact and investment of buying a new mattress causes many consumers to put it off. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different mattresses out there for consumers to choose from and the pricing on each can vary widely from store-to-store and model-to-model. Do not lose any sleep over the purchasing process, though. Below you will find several tips to make mattress shopping as easy as possible:

How to know when it is time for a new mattress

Most people do not change their mattresses when they are supposed to. There are many signs that you need to buy a new mattress, which include: you have uncomfortable sleeps and are constantly waking up with aches and pains; your mattress is lumpy; and/or your mattress has an odor. Most mattresses have a lifetime of five to seven years. Once it reaches this age, it is a good idea to change your mattress even if nothing appears wrong with it, because dirt may be building up inside the mattress.

Comparison shop to save money

When shopping for a new mattress, you should always compare different options. Look both online and offline, research different mattress models, and try out different mattress brands. Many similar mattresses have the same manufacturer but can sport different names at different outlets; try to compare the specifications.

Look for discounts

You never have to buy a mattress at full price. Most mattress brands and stores will have sales and discounts that you can find in flyers, emails, or in commercials. Shopping on or around certain holidays such as Independence Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day may save you money as well. Most salespeople at mattress stores have room to negotiate on the price of a mattress so do not be afraid to ask for a discount.

There are positives and negatives to buying online

Unless you know the exact mattress you plan to buy, shopping in person is usually the best idea for a consumer. When you are physically at the store, you can test out different mattresses by lying on them. Don’t be embarrassed; if you’re going to shell out a grand and spend 8 hours a day on it for years, you want to test it out as much as you can. You may already know the specific mattress you plan to buy because you have tried it before, a friend has the mattress, or you have heard great reviews of it. If so, the advantages of buying online include having the convenience of shopping from your computer, the potential for cheaper online prices, and not having to deal with a salesperson. Before buying online, you should check reviews of the mattress and the reputation of the company. If something goes wrong with your online mattress purchase, you will want to deal with a company that has an efficient customer service department.

Analyze the return policy

Different mattresses have different return policies. If you buy your mattress online, it can be harder to return. This is because you will usually have to package and ship the mattress back yourself, whereas if you shopped in person at a mattress store, they would normally pick up the return from your home or allow you to drop it off at their showroom. You will also want to check if there is a guarantee or warranty on the mattress, just in case you find out the mattress does not suit you, or if the mattress does not last as long as it should.

Whether you go for memory foam, old-fashioned mattress, or futon, we hope this helps you find the mattress of your dreams.

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