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These 7 Epic Movies Turn 20 In 2020

Posted at 10:40 AM, Dec 23, 2019

It seems like it was just yesterday when Kristen Dunst and Gabrielle Union were taunting each other with cheers in “Bring It On.” However, the movie will actually celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020 — along with other films that we simply must watch whenever we see them on TV.

Take a trip down memory lane by revisiting some of these now-classic films that are turning 20 at the upcoming turn of the decade.

“Bring It On”

Dubbed the “‘Citizen Kane’ of cheerleader movies” by film critic Roger Ebert, “Bring It On” is a teen comedy that has achieved cult status since it premiered in August 2000. The movie also launched the career of star Gabrielle Union, who wore matching Clovers cheerleading outfits with her daughter just this past Halloween.


“Charlie’s Angels”

Although “Charlie’s Angels” was recently rebooted with Kirsten Stewart, the 2000 version that featured Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, is arguably the best one. The film grossed more than $264 million worldwide and featured the equally memorable Destiny’s Child song, “Independent Women.”



“Erin Brockovich”

Julia Roberts won the Oscar for Best Actress for this 2000 film. The movie depicted the true life story of Erin Brockovich, a single mother-turned-activist who helped win a multi-million settlement against a water-polluting utility company.


“Miss Congeniality”

“Miss Congeniality,” which was released for Christmastime in 2000, cemented Sandra Bullock’s comedy queen status. In it, she played an FBI agent who goes undercover as a beauty pageant contestant to thwart a terrorist attack. The lighthearted film reportedly grossed $212 million worldwide, becoming one of Bullock’s most commercially successful films.


“Girl, Interrupted”

Not only did the 2000 film “Girl, Interrupted” help make Angelina Jolie a household name, but it also won her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. The movie was based on the 1993 memoir of the same name and was set in a 1960s psychiatric hospital.


“Meet The Parents”

In the 2000 comedy “Meet the Parents,” Ben Stiller’s character desperately tries to impress the parents (played by Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner) of his girlfriend (Teri Polo). The result is a comedic film that spawned two spin-offs and gave the world such quotable lines as, “You can milk anything with nipples.”


“Coyote Ugly”

Actress Piper Perabo reportedly beat out Jessica Simpson for the starring role of an aspiring singer who moves to New York in “Coyote Ugly.” The movie premiered in August 2000 and featured the song “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” by LeAnn Rimes.


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