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New ‘Dunkabroos’ Beer Is Brewed With Cookies, Cream And Sprinkles

New ‘Dunkabroos’ Beer Is Brewed With Cookies, Cream And Sprinkles
Posted at 6:30 AM, Aug 19, 2020

Can you imagine going back in time to the 1990s and telling your child-self that your after-school snack would someday be turned into a beer flavor?

Dunkaroos, the classic ’90s snack, has been enjoying a comeback lately, and now there’s even a Dunkaroos-inspired beer.

Martin House Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas, made a special-issue 8% ABV cream ale designed to taste exactly like Dunkaroos, sprinkles and all. The beer, which they’ve dubbed Dunkabroos, is brewed with cookies, rich vanilla cream and rainbow sprinkles.

“This beer is nostalgia in a can,” the brewery wrote in their Facebook post about Dunkabroos.

Even the artwork on the beer cans pay perfect homage to the squiggly laser motif that was such a trend in ’90s graphic design:

Does it really taste like Dunkaroos?

“Icing aroma, vanilla comes through strong. Very sweet, heavy caramel flavor,” reviewer loomsgate wrote of the beer on Untappd. “Cookies on the finish, moreso with sediment at bottom of can. Not quite what I expected, but definitely fun!”

Sadly, Dunkaroos Beer has already sold out, as the brewery revealed on Instagram.

They promise to brew more in the future, saying that they had no idea the Dunkabroos would be so popular. To that, I say: Have you met ’90s kids? There is nothing that pays homage to ’90s nostalgia that we won’t buy faster than you can say “Sister, Sister.”

But not to worry. Though you may have missed out on the Dunkaroos beer, Martin House is always brewing something new. Case in point: The creative brewers also made a Kookie Monster stout brewed with mint cookies and chocolate, and they’re describing it as a liquid Girl Scout cookie. Um, that sounds amazing:

You can find Martin House Brewing Company products at Texas retailers, but if you are out of state, you can try Tavour. The website connects you with independent breweries across the country, so you can find new craft beer favorites wherever you live.

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