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Dog Treat Advent Calendars Let You Count Down To Holidays With Your Furry Friend

Dog Treat Advent Calendars Let You Count Down To Holidays With Your Furry Friend
Posted at 7:25 AM, Aug 23, 2021

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Whether you refer to your dog as your fur baby, canine companion or four-legged BFF, there is no denying that your pup is an important part of your family. And just as you do with all of your loved ones, you want to make them feel special and loved during the holidays. A fun way to include your pooch in Christmas activities is with a dog advent calendar. Here’s a collection of options that includes handmade goodies, customizable gifts, calendars you can use year after year and more.

Good ‘n’ Fun 12 Days Of Dogmas Calendar 

This festive dog advent calendar features a dozen tasty treats, one for each of the 12 days of “Dogmas!” Each of the 12 flaps features a different breed, from cocker spaniels and corgis to dalmatians and dachshunds. These flaps open to disclose a Triple Flavor Twist Stick or a Triple Flavor Kabob made with real beef hide, pork hide, chicken and duck. The calendar is available on Amazon for $8.99.

Get the Good ‘n’ Fun 12 Days of Dogmas Calendar on Amazon.



25 Treats For Christmas Countdown Dog Advent Calendar

Meatloaf’s Kitchen is a small home-based business that bakes and hand-decorates fresh treats for dogs and sells them on Etsy. This bakery for barkers offers a countdown calendar with 25 doors, each containing a small treat. Goodies include decorated snowflakes, gingerbread men, snowman faces, holly leaves and paw prints made with ingredients such as whole wheat flour, peanut butter and cinnamon. You can pre-order a calendar now for $25.

Get the 25 Treats for Christmas Countdown Dog Advent Calendar on Etsy.


Etsy | MeatloafsKitchen

Dream Bone Holiday Rawhide-Free Furry Christmas Advent Calendar 

Rawhide-free Dream Bones are easily digestible chews made from scrumptious real chicken or sweet potatoes. The Furry Christmas advent calendar is ideal for small dogs and includes 24 treats to count down to Christmas. Your pup will be excited to receive a sweet potato mini bone, mini “candy” cane or mini chicken-wrapped stick every day of December. You can order the calendar from Amazon for $12.50 right now.

Get the Dream Bone Holiday Rawhide-Free Furry Christmas Advent Calendar on Amazon.


Himalayan Pet Supply Best Friend’s Advent Calendar

Decorated to look like a gift box, the Best Friend’s Advent Calendar has 24 numbered windows with a wide assortment of Christmas treats furry friends will love. Two dozen cookies, treats and chews have flavors such as cheese, peanut butter, bacon, chicken, banana, carrot and more made from all-natural ingredients. Treats include Happy Teeth, YakyPuffs, Popping Yaky Charms, Banana Nut cookies, Cinnabears, Chicken Pot Pie cookies, Carrot Cake cookies and Christmas cookies. This dog advent calendar is currently available on Amazon for $14.04.

Get the Himalayan Pet Supply Best Friend’s Advent Calendar from Amazon.


Trader Joe’s Advent Calendar For Dogs

If you know, you know: Trader Joe’s is celebrated for its uniquely delicious foods, even for pets. This adorable calendar has 25 windows concealing salmon and sweet potato dog treats. The artwork makes the calendar super-cute. “I know you’re busy,” the wording on it says, “so I made a list of all the things I’m going to need for the holidays.’ The words are accompanied by images and captions illustrating “my very own pet orca,” “a squirrel that won’t run away” and “15 minutes of ball every day.” If you can’t find this doggy advent calendar at your local TJ’s, you can order it from Amazon for $29.99.

Get Trader Joe’s Advent Calendar for Dogs on Amazon.


Claudia’s Holiday Dog Advent Calendar

Claudia’s Holiday Advent Calendar Dog Treat has 25 windows on a box designed with chalkboard-style holiday art. The first 24 have baked vanilla-flavored cookies in a variety of shapes and colors. There is a special decorated treat reserved for the 25th. You can order the box with 7.5 ounces of canine confections from Walmart for $9.99.

Get Claudia’s Holiday Dog Advent Calendar from Walmart.


Handmade Personalized Doggie Advent Calendar

This reusable fabric advent calendar for dogs is ideal for homes with multiple pups. It is 19 inches long by 17 inches wide. It includes a wooden dowel rod and ribbon for hanging and can be personalized with one or two dogs’ names. Treats are not included, but you can fill the 24 pockets with your floof’s favorite goodies. This custom calendar is available from Little Mack Crafts on Etsy for $35.

Get the Handmade Personalized Doggie Advent Calendar on Etsy.

Etsy | LittleMackCrafts

Whether your dog would drool over baked goods or do tricks for meaty chews, your “goodest” boy or girl deserves something special. So which calendar is perfect for your perfect pet?

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