Conquering Addiction


Mobile studio in Michigan called 'Mend on the Move' is serving abuse survivors, those with addiction

Posted at 7:01 AM, Mar 04, 2019

DETROIT, Michigan — Mend on the Move, a nonprofit that employs women who are survivors of abuse and addiction, now has its own mobile studio. There was a campaign to raise $60,000 to rebuild and redesign a donated motor home in July 2018.

Thanks to the generous community, the mobile studio will soon be visiting recovery homes where women will be able to work inside of it and create jewelry from auto parts.

Joanne Ewald is the founder of Mend on the Move. She says they've been working inside a recovery home in Detroit. Now, the mobile studio will allow them to extend their reach and give the women they're own place to work. Mend on the move provides them with an income while they're in a recovery program.

"We've been striving for this to have our own space to put our tools and be efficient," Ewald said. "A place we can call our own."

Ewald is a survivor of sex abuse. She says Mend on the Move has given her a voice. She says she wants the same for the women the nonprofit helps. She says seeing the mobile studio is a dream, one that came true thanks to people showing they care.

"Whether it's people donating $10 or corporations donating thousands of dollars, this is a community collaboration and it says to them – you are worthy," Ewald said.

If you want to learn more about Mend on the Move or buy the jewelry, click here .