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Get Decked Out In Budweiser-Branded Apparel This Summer

Get Decked Out In Budweiser-Branded Apparel This Summer
Posted at 9:50 AM, Jun 24, 2020

Nothing says summer like cracking open a cold beer — except maybe decking yourself out in clothes that show off your love for your favorite brew.

If Budweiser tops your list, you’re in luck. The brand has teamed up with Shinesty for the ultimate summertime wardrobe for fans of the “king of beers.” We’re talking swimsuits, shirts, shorts, overalls and even blazers, all inspired by 1970s style and, of course, featuring Budweiser’s new logo.

“Bud’s 1970s look is by far the most represented in vintage apparel proudly worn by fans. So much so that we even decided to use it as inspiration for our new label this year,” Monica Rustgi, vice president of marketing at Budweiser, said in a press release.

The new collection is available now on Shinesty — which, last summer, brought us the buzzworthy “jeado,” a Speedo that looks like denim shorts (and, if you missed it, is still available on their site this summer). Prices for items in the Bud collection range from $10 for a tie to $119 for a blazer.

Take a look at just some of the Budweiser-branded items you can add to your summertime wardrobe:

Budweiser One-Piece Swimsuit

We’re just hitting the peak season for pool time or a trip to the lake or beach. If you need one more piece of swimwear, this one-piece women’s swimsuit with the Budweiser logo writ large down the front is $59.99 and comes in size small-2X. You can also buy men’s swim trunks for $69.99.


Budweiser Pajamaralls

How comfy do these look? These men’s pajamaralls — P.J.-like overalls — seem like the perfect thing to wear while relaxing in the backyard with a cold Bud in hand. The print on these pajamaralls makes it look like you’re wearing six-packs all over. They’re $104.99, and Shinesty makes Budweiser pajarmaralls for women, too, at the same price.


Budweiser Skirtall

With adjustable straps, pockets and Americana colors, this women’s skirtall — overalls on the top, skirt on the bottom — is $84.99. The top features the “Budweiser” on a bow tie logo and vertical red and white stripes on the skirt. It comes in five sizes and is 100% cotton.


Budweiser Tie

If you like to show off your style in a subtle way, you might want to go for this simple tie. At $9.99, it is the lowest-priced item in the collection, but still bold and fun enough to show off your love for Budweiser.


Budweiser Blazer

If you really want to make a statement, this men’s blazer is for you! Priced at $119, it’s the most expensive item in the collection, but with the stars-and-stripes sleeves and big, bold Bud logo, it’s sure to make the biggest statement. If you want the entire suit, it will cost you $189.99, as the pants are sold separately for $69.99.


You’ll find other Bud-inspired gear in the collection here.

Will you be ordering some Budweiser gear to wear this summer?

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