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Burger King’s Frozen Cherry Fanta Drink Is Back On The Menu

Burger King’s Frozen Cherry Fanta Drink Is Back On The Menu
Posted at 4:00 AM, Jun 17, 2020

Some may find this unbelievable, but it’s sadly true: There are people who don’t like ice cream.

Also true: Some folks can’t eat ice cream because of dietary restrictions.

So, when a non-ice-cream frozen treat joins the mass market, we ice cream avoiders want to know about it — and this summer special from Burger King looks like a dairy-free hit.

BK’s Wild Cherry Fanta frozen drink is a sweet-and-slushy mix of ice and cherry soda. It’s been a summer tradition at the King since 2017, with a bright-red color that’s a beacon for your inner child.

Burger King

The cherry slush joins BK’s rotating lineup of frozen treats, including frozen Cokes, frozen lemonades and a frozen orange Fanta. At Halloween, Burger King’s known to offer a Scary Black Cherry frozen Fanta drink, too.

No word yet on how long this special item will stay on the menu, so it sounds like you should stop by soon to give it a try. (It’s also only available at participating Burger King locations, so call in advance to check.)

If Burger King’s not an option, Sonic Drive-In is also well-known for its extensive specialty drink menu. In addition to their cherry slush, Sonic’s got an array of other icy drink options in a rainbow of colors and flavors.

They even offer slushes with bits of Nerds candy floating inside, for those moments when you really require a sugar rush.

Need a cool caffeine blast? Their Red Bull slush is available now:

It’s 95 degrees today where I live and I’m tired — that Red Bull slush suddenly looks pretty tasty.

I’ll always have a soft spot for the Misty at Dairy Queen, though. When all the other kids wanted ice cream at DQ, I always knew I had Misty on my side for an ice-cold treat.

Wow. All this talk of ice and slushes has me craving refreshment. Time to hit the drive-thru!

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