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Vegas auto dealer says it is a people business

Posted at 6:58 AM, Nov 21, 2016

“Once you make it a people business instead of the car business, things start to happen.”

-Rich Abajian, Findlay Toyota

If Las Vegas is a car town, as industry experts claim, then the undisputed king is Findlay Toyota. Findlay Toyota has grown to be not just the largest automotive dealer in Las Vegas, but in the entire state of Nevada. It has won every major Toyota award and is a current member of The President’s Cabinet, Toyota’s highest honor bestowed upon the top 12 Toyota dealers in the Nation based on sales, service and customer satisfaction. You could say they know a thing or two about the car business.

Yet if you ask its personnel about what business they are in, you might be surprised at the answer.

“We’re not in the car business, we’re in the people business.” 

It’s probably safe to say no automotive dealer has done more for Southern Nevada than Findlay Toyota. Its former long-time general manager, Rich Abajian who passed away earlier this year, was fond of making Findlay Toyota a part of the community. Abajian understood that people prefer doing business with friends rather than strangers.

Those who conduct business with Findlay Toyota quickly realize that with Findlay Toyota, you’re only a stranger once. Hundreds of organizations have benefited from Findlay Toyota’s generosity including: UNLV, CCSD, College of Southern Nevada, After School All-Stars, YMCA, Little League, Pop Warner Football, Henderson Flag Football League, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Henderson Girl Softball Association, Silverman Triathlon, American Heart Assoication, Las Vegas 51s, flag football leagues, Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Boys and Girls Club and many more.

In 1997, Findlay Toyota founded the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame to recognize significant achievements by people in Southern Nevada in all areas of sports. Findlay Toyota was also instrumental in the organizing of the Sports Hall of Fame scholarship program, which allows local high school athletes the opportunity to attend college.



Special events conducted at dealership

Findlay Toyota has provided special recognition days for such athletes as Evander Holyfield, Bryce Harper, Buster Douglas and Randall Cunningham. Oftentimes these events are conducted at the dealership during normal business hours. Findlay Toyota has also allowed the use of its facility.

If the question was asked how many local Las Vegans have been directly benefitted by Findlay Toyota, thousands would step forward.

Is all this necessary to sell cars? Probably not, but Findlay Toyota has never been about just selling cars. As its personnel will tell you they are in the people business. Perhaps its mission statement says it best. It’s printed on a prominent wall in showroom for everyone to see.

“A world-class environment dedicated to building life-long relationships through integrity and commitment.”

Findlay Toyota is truly one of a kind and its customers can testify, they have a friend in the car business.