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Findlay Toyota is shuttling cancer patients

Posted at 6:35 AM, Nov 18, 2016

Tommy Rayl, Findlay Toyota’s parts and service director is a busy man. He oversees the largest service department in Southern Nevada. That includes a fleet of six full time shuttle buses transferring people to home and work.

But the business philosophy of Findlay Toyota is not solely about servicing automobiles. The personnel are fond of saying, “We are not in the car business. We are in the people business.”

So one day, Tommy went to work, increasing his “people business.”

Under his direction, every Wednesday, Findlay Toyota sends a shuttle van along with driver Larry Wurth, a Findlay Toyota employee, to participate in The American Cancer Society’s On the Road to Recovery Program. The program involves shuttling cancer patients in need of treatment to and from their destinations.



Larry not only shuttles these patients wherever they need to go, he also stays with them during treatment and shuttles them back again. On the average he shuttles two patients every Wednesday.

Findlay Toyota began participating in the program back in August, and it has no plans to stop.

“It’s a valuable service,” Rayl said. “Many cancer patients need assistance in getting to and from their medical treatment, and they are in no condition to drive. Our shuttle van allows patients to move equipment like wheelchairs and other large devices.”

More importantly Larry is becoming a friend to the patients, providing support and a listening ear.

“There’s nothing easy about fighting cancer,” Larry said. “Just being there and listening provides help and support and goes a very long way. Sometimes I feel they help me more than I’m helping them.

“It’s a win, win.”