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This Clever Baker Made Baby Yoda Cookies By Cutting The Heads Off Angel Cookies

Posted at 7:28 AM, Dec 19, 2019

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Ever since the premiere of “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” on Disney Plus, people have been going absolutely crazy over Baby Yoda, known more officially as “The Child.” The pint-sized cutie looks like an infant version of the Jedi Master that trained Luke Skywalker in the 1980 film “The Empire Strikes Back,” which was the second movie in the original “Star Wars” trilogy (or Episode V), but is from a different era.

In his original iteration, puppet Yoda is a little bit creepy-looking if you ask me, but Baby Yoda is positively adorable — and “Mandalorian” fans agree. If you’re among the legion of people who can’t get enough of the tiny guy, you’re going to love thesesuper-cute Baby Yoda cookies.

You may think that creating cookies that resemble the little green alien would take serious baking skills, but it’s actually as simple as cutting the heads off of cookies made with an angel-shaped cookie cutter. This clever hack was shared by Redditor @geoGal42 on the “Star Wars” subreddit, and the result is pretty amazing:

Beheaded the Angel cookie cutter. No regrets. from StarWars


“Beheaded the angel cookie cutter. No regrets,” the post declared simply alongside a photo of the finished cookies.

Wow! As you can see, to really complete the look, the cookies were decorated with green, white and brown icing to reflect Baby Yoda’s green face and iconic white and brown outfit. What looks like two black nonpareils were also added as the character’s eyes.

To pull this off yourself, get an angel-shaped cookie cutter, which should be easy to find around the holiday season. After cutting the cookie, simply lob off the head to take the shape from standard angel to certified Baby Yoda. Beheading an angel may seem wrong, but not when these cookies that are a  “Mandalorian” fan’s dream come true are clearly so right!

Here’s an angel cookie cutter you can get on that will fit the bill! It costs just $2.60 but shipping is $7.98.


This is not the only Baby Yoda-centric project making the rounds on the internet. If you love the idea of making “The Child”-themed food in your kitchen, you could take a cue from this beautiful Raspbaby Yoda raspberry pie. You can also learn tocrochet your very own Baby Yoda.


if you’re not the DIY type, there’s plenty ofBaby Yoda merchandise out there too, including Pop Sockets.

But we love how creative someone was in creating a Baby Yoda cookie hack! As Mando himself wouldsay, “This is the way.”

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