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All The Baby Shark Toys On The Market

All The Baby Shark Toys On The Market
Posted at 7:53 AM, Aug 27, 2019

Do your little ones love “Baby Shark”? Silly question, I know. The answer, I am pretty sure, is all kids have officially jumped on the “Baby Shark” bandwagon.

If you have some little shark fans in your house, I have good news. While some Baby Shark toys initially proved to be so popular that they sold out almost instantly, there are now new items you can get your hands on. And odds are good we’ll see even more “Baby Shark” merchandise once we get closer to the holiday season.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of ones currently on the market or that we know are coming soon. You can start planning your presents early or pick some up now just because!

‘Baby Shark’ Fingerlings

These “Baby Shark” Fingerlings for ages 5+ are $14.84 right now at Walmart. When your child shakes the toy, the shark’s tail flaps from side to side. It even gives kisses if you press its face to your child’s cheek. The fin lights up in different colors, too. A motion sensor allows your child to move the Fingerling in a wave-like motion to hear him splash around and (of course) sing the “Baby Shark” song.

‘Baby Shark’ Song Puppets With Tempo Control

These “Baby Shark” puppets for ages 2+ are interactive — the entire “Baby Shark” song plays if you open their mouths. They even include tempo control, so your child can change the speed of the song by moving the mouth faster or slower. You’ll find baby, mommy and daddy shark puppets for $19.97 each at Walmart.

‘Baby Shark’ Bath Squirt Toys

Your little one can splish and splash with these Shark Family squirt toys made for the bathtub. You’ll get four characters in one pack (baby, mommy, daddy and William, an orange fish) for $9.84 at Walmart, though they are sold out at the moment. The toys are for ages 2 and up.

Singing ‘Baby Shark’ Bath Toy

Soon, you’ll also be able to buy a singing “Baby Shark” bath toy. The Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark battery-powered Sing and Swim bath toy by ZURU plays the “Baby Shark” song once it’s placed in the water. You can get it in yellow, pink or blue for $23.13 and up from various Amazon sellers — that is, when it’s released. This toy should be available on Sept. 1, but you can pre-order now.


‘Baby Shark’ Melody Walker

This melody walker for toddlers will be out in October. When your child stops walking, the “Baby Shark” song will stop playing. This can encourage them to keep going, since walking keeps the music on. There are also five light-up buttons that each play a different song (including the “Baby Shark” song) to help develop your child’s gross motor and sensory skills. You’ll be able to get one at Amazon or Kohl’s for about $40.


‘Baby Shark’ Melody Shape Sorter

Also coming in October is this melody shape sorter to help your toddler learn. In “Baby Shark” mode, each character plays its own song lyric from the “Baby Shark” song when it is placed correctly. Once all the characters are in, the full-length song plays. If your little one puts it in “shape mode” instead, the character names the shape when it is placed in its hole. In that mode, all shapes placed correctly means “Baby Shark” will congratulate your child. A price has not been released for the sorter.


If you’d like to take your child’s love for the shark family beyond toys, you can also find bedding, shoes and most recently, Halloween costumes for the entire family. The costumes even include audio chips that play the viral children’s song for up to two hours so you and your children can “do do do-do do-do” it up for trick-or-treating!

Will you be picking up any of these “Baby Shark” toys for your little ones?

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