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Woman names baby after medic who saved her during wildfire

Posted at 12:19 PM, Dec 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-22 15:20:43-05

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In his 20 years as a paramedic, Mickey Huber assisted in two emergency deliveries. But to him, the most memorable birth is the one that didn't happen on his watch.

Huber was helping people evacuate from the terrifying wildfire that tore through the Northern California town of Paradise on Nov. 8 when he heard on the scanner about a pregnant woman going into premature labor.

He joined a group of good Samaritans and emergency workers who fought the traffic-choked roads to get her medical help. She credited him for keeping her calm until she reached the hospital, where her labor was stopped.

When her daughter was born full-term a month after the fire, the woman named the baby after Huber.