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3-year-old VGK superfan fighting cancer gets special holiday surprise

3-year-old fighting cancer gets s
Izzy is a 3-year-old VGK superfan. She's fighting cancer.
Posted at 11:11 AM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 18:19:39-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — If there’s one thing Izzy wants to do after beating cancer, it’s watch her favorite team play in person.

“The Golden Knights," said Izzy.

The 3-year-old girl has spent much of the past year rooting for her home team from a hospital bed as she undergoes round after round of chemotherapy.

“She’s so strong and determined and she calls them 'buggies' so she’s determined to get these buggies out of her body," said Tierra McCullah, Izzy's mom.

The particular type of “buggies” or cancer Izzy has is neuroblastoma, caught in April at stage 4. Just last week, she completed her 8th and final round of treatment.

“We’re getting closer and closer and I think she can realize it as well that we’re almost done and that also gives us hope that she continues to be strong every day and barely complains about anything that happens to her," said Royce Woodward, Izzy's dad.

Izzy’s size belies her strength. She is resilient, her family optimistic.

“Light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what gives us hope is every time that she goes and all the tests look good that she’s taking, that’s what gives us the hope," said Woodward.

What has also given Izzy’s family hope and comfort is the outpouring of love and support they’ve received from the Golden Knights community -- from players to perfect strangers.

“We recently, right before this round, went to a signing where she met Marchessault who’s her favorite player and Reilly Smith as well. They sat and they talked to us for a good 20 minutes or so, genuinely concerned about how she’s doing and how the progress is going, really great, really awesome," said Woodward.

Brian Delaney, who’s a Golden Knights season-ticket holder, heard about Izzy through a friend and without even meeting in person, reached out to her family to offer tickets to a game, as soon as Izzy was up to it. He also nominated her for our 13 Days and Knights of Giving.

“Just to know that people out there that we’ve never really met care so much about her story and how she’s doing. It's amazing. It really is," said Woodward.

“To know how much she’s inspired people helps us just to know how strong she is and definitely helps us get through each day, each task, each difficulty, each success. It makes it all worth it," said McCullah.

The day after our surprise, Izzy was able to return home for the first time in weeks. She'll go through a series of tests and begin immunotherapy soon.

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