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NV Education launches new partnership to provide digital content to students and staff

Posted at 1:31 PM, Jul 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-21 19:22:19-04

The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) has announced another resource to support students, families, and educators in digital learning through a new two-year partnership with Discovery Education.

Through this new partnership, public school educators and students statewide will receive access to the Discovery Education Experience, a flexible K-12 platform that keeps students connected to learning whether at home or at school.

Experience provides compelling content, ready-to-use digital lessons, unique collaboration tools, and professional learning resources that give educators everything they need to create lasting educational impact.

The platform covers a wide array of subjects including math, science, social studies, and more. In addition, Experience offers multimedia activities for students, like hands-on laboratory activities, and on-demand virtual field trips that will take them around the world.

The Nevada Department of Education will provide educators with dedicated professional learning to support them in integrating new digital resources into instruction in the coming school year. Through interactive professional development sessions, participants will learn best practices for using digital resources to teach students both online. The intent is to maximize the State’s investment in these digital resources, increase student engagement, and support students continued academic growth.

For districts and schools that opt-in to use the Discovery Education resources, NDE will be working to create a seamless way for educators and students to access and engage with the Experience site.