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Hundreds of Las Vegas families receive COVID-19 relief

Posted at 2:00 PM, Jul 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-23 17:09:12-04

Approximately 400 households in Las Vegas will receive COVID-19 relief through #GiveTogetherNow, a national rapid-relief initiative, to provide funds to families having a tough time financially because of the coronavirus.

This is the second distribution of funds through the initiative.


In May, local nonprofits Leaders in Training, Foster Kinship, HOPE for Prisoners, and Nevada Youth Empowerment Project partnered with the relief effort to distribute one-time cash transfers of $500 to over 300 families.

The additional support is due to an investment of $175,000 from Family Independence Initiative (FII), one of the creators of #GiveTogetherNow, and a $25,000 gift from an anonymous Las Vegas donor. With these new funds being distributed, an additional 400 families will receive a $500 cash transfer, putting the total impact at over 700 families and $377,000.

The funds are unrestricted, so recipients can use the money however they choose.

To ensure the money gets to those who need it most, FII partnered with seven additional community groups and nonprofits to distribute the cash.

Families receive a code to input on FII’s UpTogether platform and within three business days, on average, the money is deposited directly into their bank account or, if they’d like, they are mailed a prepaid card.