UPDATE: Volunteers help church destroyed by fire through tragedy

UPDATE JUNE 23: Volunteers are coming from all over the country to help a local church through tragedy.

Earlier in June, Zion United Methodist Church caught fire. Weeks later and it's still a devastating scene.
Imagine how hard it would be to go through the wreckage if Zion UMC was where you and your family came every Sunday. Soon after the fire broke out, volunteers started gathering to help do that. 
Now, there are several dozen in town. Some are coming from hundreds of miles away. Out-of-towners are being put up and fed by other local churches.
The fire destroyed a large part of the church. The volunteers are trying to save what they can and clean up so that the church can save as much money as possible for the rebuild.
"Thankfully, we don't have a lot of experience of our churches burning down and so when something like this happens it's fresh for us, and we're figuring out along the way how to navigate this," said Reverend Dan Morley, a missional strategist and superintendent for the Desert Southwest Conference.
Volunteers are starting early and staying late so they can take off during the middle part of the day. They've ordered misters and take frequent breaks.
"How much work is it going to be? It's going to be really labor intensive because of the heat," said Pastor Fred Heggestad, the disaster relief coordinator.
You can find more information here https://dscumc.org/zionumc/

ORIGINAL STORY: Just months before marking its 100th anniversary, Zion United Methodist church was destroyed by fire. Thursday night the congregation received an amazing show of support to help them rebuild. 

 A small group gathered at First AME Church in North Las Vegas. Rev. Lawrence Johnson was grateful for their presence.

"You know we grieve, but are willing and ready to work," said Johnson. "This has not discouraged us."

It was just last week that the church near Lake Mead and Martin Luther King was engulfed in flames. Soon afterward, church members declared their resolve to rebuild. The fire is still under investigation and its cause has not yet been determined. 

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"This has just mobilized us and empowered us to do even greater work for the Lord," Johnson said.
Donations are starting to come in and people from neighboring churches have pitched in, offering to volunteer help to rebuild. The community group Nevada Partners is allowing the church to use a building on Lake Mead for services starting this Sunday.

 "We are just grateful for Nevada Partners, for partnering with us and opening their doors to us." 

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