UPDATE: Las Vegas fire station no longer listed as a safe place after captain's arrest

UPDATE APRIL 26: Due to Richard Loughry's charges, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Station 47 has been decommissioned as a safe place for teens.

Depending on the outcome of the situation or talks with the city of Las Vegas, the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth will reconsider the reinstatement.

The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth has three partnerships for safe places -- Terrible Herbst, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue and RTC.

In 2016, Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth picked up 111 teens with four coming from fire stations -- and none from Station 47.

UPDATE APRIL 20: A judge has set bail for the Las Vegas fire captain accused of paying a 15-year-old girl for sex with him at his fire station. Bail was set at $25,000.

According to the Associated Press, Richard Loughry's defense attorney, Craig Hendricks, said Thursday his 46-year-old client should have been allowed to post bail following his arrest late Monday, because the girl he's accused of paying $300 for sex was 15 years old. Loughry's initial lewdness charge alleged the girl was under 14.

Conditions of bail include no internet access unless for work in a monitored setting and travel only allowed for court, medical appointments, work and attorney meetings. Additionally, the fire captain must provide the court with his work schedule and is only allowed 30 minutes of travel time before and after work.

UPDATE APRIL 19: According to the arrest report, Capt. Richard Loughry contacted a 15-year-old girl through Backpage.com.

In addition, police said the teen had been sex trafficked and a black adult male had posted the Backpage.com ad. But the advertisements said the girl was 22 years old.

Police said Loughry paid the teen $300 for an hour in exchange for sex inside his dorm at the fire house.

According to police, Loughry never asked the teen about her age.

According to the arrest report, Loughry admitted to having sex with women at the fire house many times but was unaware that the girl was 15. He told police he would not have done what he did if he had known her age.


A Las Vegas fire captain has been arrested for lewdness with a child under 14, statutory sex seduction and soliciting or engaging in child prostitution.

46-year-old Richard Odell Loughry was arrested on Monday and booked into Clark County Detention Center.

Loughry has been employed by Las Vegas Fire & Rescue since May 1997.

No other information is available at this time.

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