Psychic Reading Online Top Accurate Psychics For Live Chat & Phone Readings

4:25 PM, Dec 05, 2022
4:25 PM, Dec 05, 2022
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Psychic Reading Online Top Accurate Psychics For Live Chat & Phone Readings

We’ve all had moments in life when we’ve felt uneasy about the future. And we’re not talking about those fleeting moments when your brain goes “what if” before you move past a certain dilemma for good. No, we’re talking about the kind of uncertainty that keeps you up at night and eats away at your sanity by day. So, if life’s giving you more lemons than you’d like and they’re starting to look like serious curveballs, it might be time to reel in the expertise of a psychic reader.

Now, you’re probably imagining a decked-up fortune teller with a silk headscarf, gold and silver accessories, and mysterious smiles, sitting behind a crystal ball in a barely lit room. You know, the kind that promises you endlessly good fortunes in the form of treasure troves and brooding princes, i.e., the usual package. If that’s the picture you have in mind, we’d understand if you’re a bit cynical about this whole idea.

But that’s not what we’re actually suggesting.

Psychic readings—genuine ones with truly gifted individuals have the potential to change your life. These psychics have the ability to discern hidden facts about your life and future by the use of extrasensory perception. And with proper psychic guidance, you can not only eliminate some of the uncertainty you feel but also make better, more informed decisions about your future with confidence.

Also, since we’ve entered a digital age, you no longer have to be physically close to a psychic for them to guide you—you can choose online psychic readings! These are live and way more convenient than in-person readings since you can do them on the phone or via chat—it’s the perfect modern solution for all your problems!

But not all online psychics are worth your time—because, let’s be real, it can’t be that hard to scam people in this industry, right? And with the clouds of uncertainty already surrounding your aura, the last thing we need is for you to run into frauds while looking into online psychic readings, which is why we’ve explored, sorted, and reviewed the best online psychic readings sites and services for you. These are the ones we trust, and you can too.

Top Psychic Reading Platforms For Online Consolation (Chat And Phone)

  1. Kasamba - Ideal For Love And Relationship Advice
  2. Psychic Source - Find The Most Affordable Psychics That One Can Count On
  3. Keen  - Top-Notch Option For First-Time Users
  4. California Psychics - They Offer The Best Promotions And Specials

1. Kasamba - The Most Gifted 5 Star Online Psychics To Help You Find Clarity In Your Romantic Life And Beyond

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Established in 1999, Kasamba is a go-to option for most people relying on psychic readings for their life and the several ups and downs that come along. It’s got a well-established reputation and is known for getting only the best psychics on board, to keep its psychic reading experiences top-notch and accurate.

As a top-rated site, most people’s visit Kasamba for their first-ever sessions—it’s definitely the most recommended site to date. It’s also a beginner-friendly website since it offers excellent introductory discounts and has easy navigation.

The website has several categories—41 in total—topics ranging from love readings to fortune telling, general psychic reading, dream analysis, palm and tarot readings, astrology reading, and others. This essentially makes the site a hub for those looking for answers in any area of life.

Needless to say, the 5-star psychics you’ll find on the website specialize in different categories. And as a user, you can browse through their detailed bios and testimonials to find a psychic well-suited to your needs.

Main Features You Can Look Forward To On Kasamba

Kasamba is a distinctly different platform since it offers several unique features compared to its counterparts.

  • For starters, with Kasamba, you get some of the most helpful introductory offers. As a new customer, the first 3 minutes of your chat will be free­—with each new psychic you try. This will help you explore and find the best psychic for yourself. And, enjoy the 15% promotional discount for the first session!
  • On Kasamba, you get the wildest choices of readings out there. From choosing different niches to selecting a reading service that works for you, there’s a lot that can be explored
  • Besides the several options of readings, you also get to choose from many experienced psychics. Kasamba’s psychic roster is like no other, and the best part is that the platform allows you access to the best regardless of where you’re located.
  • There’s also a user-friendly application for mobiles that makes psychic reading feel like a breeze! It allows you to explore your options on the go and book readings anytime!
  • Kasamba gives you total control—you get to decide how you’ll communicate with your chosen psychic!
  • Kasamba’s got a great filtering system that lets you narrow the search for the perfect psychic based on price range and ranking!

Readings To Choose From

While Kasamba is known for its relationship and love readings, those aren’t the only areas in life its psychics help with. Here are some of the most sought-after readings the experienced psychics offer.

  • Psychic Readings

Kasamba presents you with an impressive selection of over 200 psychics, each specializing in a distinct psychic reading. Whether it’s the future you’d like to discuss or a previous life event, you’re bound to find one that’ll tell you exactly what your soul needs.
Some psychics you find may even employ psychic tools—from runes to crystal balls, your life’s mysteries could be unraveled through these objects. Just always ensure you’re sifting well and picking psychics with positive reviews.

  • Astrology Readings

Trying to find the fault in your stars? Or maybe just the answers? Kasamba’s astrologers can help! From the 104 amazing astrologers on the site, you’re bound to find one who can help you find the answers you’ve been looking for! Some are even great with Vedic and Chinese astrology!

  • Love And Relationship Readings

With over 250 relationship and love psychics on Kasamba, it’s no surprise the platform is known for its love & relationship readings. Whether you need to learn about your partner’s sincerity or need advice for finding your soulmate, they can definitely help you make progress!

  • Dream Analysis

With 100+ dream advisors on Kasamba, you no longer have to wonder what your dreams are saying. Most of the platform’s dream interpreters are incredibly gifted, have tons of experience, have successfully interpreted thousands of dreams, and offered useful advice.

  • Tarot Card Readings

Searching for new beginnings and better possibilities? Tarot cards are what you need! Kasamba has several psychics who know the art of tarot card reading and can use these cards to find answers for any area of your life!

  • Fortune Telling

Want to go the traditional mystic route? Give fortune telling a chance! Kasamba’s top-rated fortune tellers can help you gain the clarity you want!

  • Career Forecasts

If you feel like your career has stagnated, it’s time to see one of Kasamba’s career advisors. Using their gifts and extrasensory perceptions, these psychics can make accurate predictions about your career while offering excellent advice and insights. The more you know—the better! It’s the finest way to boost your career.

Why Should You Choose Kasamba?

In general, as someone who’s just beginning to venture into psychic readings, we’d highly recommend Kasamba because the site is reliable before anything else, and you’re not likely to find any frauds on it. Also, as a first-time user, you’re protected and are guaranteed a refund in case you’re not satisfied.

Overall, Kasamba has an excellent rating and review system, and it mostly has positive reviews, which is enough reason to try it!

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2. Psychic Source - The Most Compassionate And Accurate Psychics You Can Talk To Face-To-Face

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Psychic Source is a website that is even older than Kasamba, and a quick overview of the website would show you exactly how reliable it is and why it’s a bit of a cult favorite amongst occult sciences enthusiasts.

The platform offers the services of some of the best names in the industry, which is typically what brings users to Psychic Source; however, the website’s incredible design and navigation features make them stay.

Moreover, the site gives you the second closest thing to in-person readings, i.e., video psychic readings!

Some Of Psychic Source’s Winning Features

Psychic Source offers features that are just a cut above the rest and make it an incredibly user-friendly website for everyone who stumbles upon it.

  • The platform offers seamless and straightforward navigation making it super easy to find a psychic that suits your requirements.
  • The website also offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee—no ifs and buts!
  • As a first-time user, you get the first 3 minutes completely free!
  • You can also listen to a psychic’s messages when you visit their profile—this will help you gain insight into what you’re signing up for.
  • Most psychics will allow you to schedule your reading in case you need a reading later.
  • To keep track of your favorites, Psychic Source’s Favorite Tool lets you build a list you can go back to.
  • For everyday guidance, you can check out the free horoscope readings on the site’s main menu.

Different Readings Offered On Psychic Source

Unlike most other psychic reading sites, the Psychic Source doesn’t offer many options when it comes to types of readings; it focuses on the basics.

For starters, it lets you select between phone, video, and chat readings, which is helpful. Then you can also choose a psychic from the limited but excellent psychics available. But unlike too many different types of readings, you’ll have to choose from the most common ones like:

  • Spiritual Readings

There aren’t many psychics who specialize in spiritual readings, but many on Psychic Source excel at it. They have a natural abilities to assist you with past life answers as well as spiritual readings. It’s a life-changing experience for those experiencing it for the first time.

  • Tarot Cards And Angel Cards

A significant percentage of psychics on the platform rely on cards during the reading process, but a handful can also draw specific cards meant just for you. Also, Psychic Source offers rare cartomancy readings offers—something we haven’t seen on many other reading sites.

  • Love Readings

If you love life’s in trouble, Psychic Source is where you’ll find hope and comfort. With 150+ psychics specializing in this category, you’re bound to find someone that can unravel the mysteries of your love life.

Just use the filters to find the perfect psychic for yourself in this category, though, since most have a 5-star rating but use varying methods and tools during the readings.

  • Astrology Reading (Including Numerology)

People have relied on astrology for centuries now for answers related to their future. If you want to know what your stars say about you, your love life, whether your career has an uphill or downhill trajectory in the future, or just about anything else, an astrology reading session with a capable psychic can really help. The stars don’t lie—test them.

  • Dream Interpretation

If you feel like your dreams are more than mere dreams, it’s a good idea to have someone gifted interpret them for you. Psychic Source has more than 35 psychics who know the ins and outs of dream interpretation—let them help you find the hidden messages in your dreams.

Is Psychic Source The Right Choice For You?

While Psychic Source doesn’t offer the overwhelming variety as other psychic reading sites do, its selective nature is what makes it an ideal choice. Not only are fewer choices easier to navigate, but there are also fewer chances of running into fraudsters since the selected psychics are thoroughly vetted.

Also, the option to have a video call with your psychic isn’t something many sites offer!

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3. Keen - Best Online Psychic Readings At The Lowest Rates

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A quick look at Keen’s website will tell you that the online psychics’ site is currently celebrating its 20th year in the industry. Over these 20 years, the site has curated a loyal clientele and continues to stay relevant by appearing in popular publications, including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Yahoo, Refinery29, and others.

As one of the most renowned psychic readings platforms, Keen offers a wide range of psychic readings through several mediums, including chat, phone, and emails. And it also offers an overwhelming choice of psychics—around more than 1700—so you’re sure to find someone who fits the bill. Also, to make finding the right psychic easier, the website is equipped with an interactive tool that helps you filter out the right option depending on factors like reading types, rates, availability, and user ratings.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for psychics, you can afford but also trust blindly, Keen is where you’ll find them.

Some Of Keen’s Amazing Features

Keen is one of the oldest psychic reading websites, and despite all the new platforms that have sprouted up in recent years, Keen has been able to retain its large customer base, thanks to its many amazing features like:

  • One of the best welcome offers; you get to pay only $1.99 for 10 minutes—possibly the lowest price you’ll find for a reliable online psychic reading
  • An in-depth filtering tool that helps users save time
  • A user-friendly mobile application for accurate psychic readings anywhere and anytime
  • An extensive selection of readings
  • Immediate readings and an option to schedule an appointment for later
  • Multiple mediums to contact psychics, including chat, email, and calls
  • Logical refund policies allow refunds up to $25 every 30 days

Types Of Readings Keen’s Offering

Under Keen’s psychic advisors’ categories, you can find a wide range of readings that range from psychic mediums to life questions and tarot readings. We’ve highlighted the top categories for you below based on their popularity, but you can also explore for something more specific. Remember: choosing the right category is the first step to an enlightening psychic reading experience.

  • Psychic Readings

A psychic reading can help you with a lot of questions related to your love life, career, or just the general direction your life’s headed in. Keen has more than 250 psychic readers—some of the most renowned ones, who can help you find the answers you’re searching for at a price you can easily afford.

  • Psychic Mediums

Contrary to popular opinion, psychic mediums aren’t scamming people, nor are they magicians. The most genuine ones are deeply gifted and skilled individuals who can help you find closure and answers by communicating with loved ones who aren’t with you anymore. Keen is one of the only platforms people highly trust for genuine psychic mediums.

  • Tarot Readings

Tarot readings aren’t just helpful for your future, but they’re also pretty fun. With an experienced tarot reader like the ones on Keen, you can solve many of your life’s puzzles and make some of the best choices for future events. There are more than 150 tarot readers on the site, and most are affordable—within the $3 to $15 price bracket—so it’s not a bad idea to try this out.

  • Love & Relationships

Whether your love life is severely underwhelming or overly chaotic, a reading of this sort could be the right step. It might help you grow as a person and learn how your loved ones think and respond to a certain situation, which in turn will help you figure out better responses for yourself.

Keen is known for psychic readers specializing in this category, and the platform also offers advisors for subcategories of this type, for instance, psychics for divorce and breakups, children and parents, cheating and affairs, and so on.

  • Spiritual Readings

If you’ve been feeling a bit lost in life, spiritual reading might just help. It can help you reconnect with your inner self and achieve the kind of balance that’s missing in life despite having all external factors aligned.

A single session could help you rediscover yourself and find a new beginning.

  • Life Questions

This is a fairly broad category, and there are more than 150 advisors that can help you out with this kind of reading on Keen. If you don’t have anything specific that’s troubling you but would like a reading anyway; this can help.

  • Some Other Rare Types Of Reading 

As we mentioned earlier, Keen has one of the largest portfolios when it comes to reading types. If you’ve already explored some popular types on other platforms, you can choose a unique category on Keen like Pet Psychics, Vedic Astrology, Feng Shui, Aura Cleansing, or Numerology.

Is Keen A Great Choice For You?

Generally, if you’re looking for high-quality, Keen isn’t a bad place to start. Given that the platform has been around for 20 years, we can’t help but think that the site offers its users value, which is how they’ve managed to remain a top choice for so long.

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4. California Psychics - The Best Psychics Online For Spiritual Readings And Connections

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California Psychics was established over 25 years ago; however, that would be hard to believe for anyone visiting the website for the first time. Unlike many others in the industry, the extraordinarily versatile psychic reading site has reinvented itself time and again to stay updated and relevant for its customers.

One of the main ways in which California Psychics has maintained its loyal customer base and attracted new clients is through its user-friendly website. The site’s design is clean and easy to navigate, which makes it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for almost instantly without any particularly tech-savvy efforts.

Also, it helps that the platform is selective in terms of the psychics available; this keeps the pool small and easy to explore. In short, California Psychics is a well-managed site that offers value to its users.

California Psychics’ Best Features

California Psychics’ has incredible ratings and impressive reviews, all raving about its amazing features and the value they add to the users’ experiences. Here are some of its main features that help visitors get the most out of their psychic readings.

  • Incredible selection of readings, including some unique ones that other leading sites may not offer, such as life path readings and clairvoyant
  • A great rewards system
  • Reliable, affordable, and well-screened psychics specializing in various categories available via chat and audio calls
  • Special discounts and packages
  • Free and detailed daily horoscopes available on the website
  • A modern and updated app available on App Store and Google Play
  • A psychic match tool to narrow down the search
  • An insightful blog with informative and interesting content

Reading Types Being Offered

California Psychics has very limited psychics but a broad range of readings, making finding the right psychic easier. Moreover, the website’s psychic match tool is a game-changer because it allows you to first choose an area of interest, i.e., the type of reading, for instance, love, career, and so on. Next, you can choose the style of reading, i.e., inspirational, compassionate, or straightforward. And lastly, you get to choose the psychic tools you want them to use, for instance, tarot cards or numerology. Then the psychic match tool matches you to the psychic that lies within your specifications!

Here are the types of readings you can choose from.

  • Life Path

Path readers offer a large scope of services and can work with many tools like oracle cards and numerology. They’re especially helpful if you’re trying to find your calling in life and aren’t sure about your next few steps. Of course, with over 300 path readers on California Psychics, it may take a while to find one you can connect with at a deeper intuitive level, but once you find them, their gifts could transform your life or the way you look at it.

  • Career Advice

Not sure whether to stick with your current job or explore other horizons? A career advice reading should help. They could tell you if you’re headed in the right direction or need to jump ships. All the career advice readers on California Psychics know what they’re doing and have high ratings, so you’re definitely in good hands no matter who you pick.

  • Love & Relationships

Finding a psychic reader for love and relationships can be a daunting task, mostly because there is no shortage of these readers. But what’s important is finding the right reader, somebody who truly gets you and what you desire out of your relationships. Finding the right reader in this category is a miracle, but your best bet in this scenario is California Psychics.

  • Money

If your finances are a constant source of worry, you’re definitely not alone. Economies are taking a hit around the world, and so are our bank balances, and if anyone can help you gain some perspective right now, it’s a money reader. They can help you improve your financial position by aiding you with the foresightedness you need to make well-informed decisions.

  • Others

As a leading platform, California Psychics offers several other types of reading, including pet readings, past life readings, and clairvoyant psychic readings. Also, a few psychics available on California Psychics can help you find missing people or objects!

Can You Trust California Psychics To Guide You? 

Based on the reviews for California Psychics, it looks like they can—after all, they have helped millions of people in the past 25 years—why shouldn’t they be able to guide you?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Psychic Readings

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Why Should You Get An Online Psychic Reading?

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward because it can depend on who’s asking. Online psychic reading can help different people in different ways, and one might often find themselves gravitating toward these readings for personal reasons.

The bottom line is that life is unpredictable and sometimes harsh, and it can leave us feeling a bit lost at times. Psychic readings can help us gain some clarity, if not complete, answers.

How Often Does One Need A Psychic Reading?

Again, the answer to this question varies between individuals. Generally, you can get your first psychic reading, gauge how much it has helped you, and then go for more as your heart desires.

Of course, it’s also important to remember there are many types of readings and several gifted psychic readers out there, so it could take a fair bit of trial and error to find one that resonates with you.

Are Online Psychic Readings Very Different From In-Person Readings?

Generally, there aren’t very different because, at the very core, psychic readings have a spiritual essence that remains intact regardless of the mediums being used. Moreover, a genuine psychic remains a psychic online and offline—their gifts and abilities won’t simply diminish just because you’re not seeing them in person. They can connect with you, gauge your aura and send you good energy regardless of your location.

What Questions Do I Ask In My First Online Psychic Session?

Well, technically, you can ask just about anything that you’re curious about. But if there’s one tip that helps, it’s to keep the questions open-ended. Close-ended queries will just get you yes or no answers, but an open-ended question lets the psychic get into the details and you get more comprehensive responses.

If you’re looking up psychic readers, we’re guessing your life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Moreover, the dilemma when it comes to psychic readings online is it can be near impossible to find reliable and skilled psychics—and this isn’t necessarily because they’re scarce, but because there’re too many websites and psychics offering these services.