2022’s Best Psychics: Top Websites to Get an Accurate Online Reading

4:39 PM, Jul 21, 2022
4:04 PM, Jul 29, 2022

Whether you're searching for answers on love, guidance, or looking to tap into your spirituality - getting an online psychic reading can be a hugely rewarding experience.

Studies have shown that the market size of the psychic industry reached 2.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 alone, which shows just how much psychic readings are quickly gaining popularity!

However, as spirituality grows in popular culture and becomes more widely accepted, the market faces a different problem: becoming flooded with too many options for online psychics. 

Not only are some better than others, but some psychics prey on vulnerable people and aren't what they seem.

Therefore, it's vital to do a proper amount of research before paying for psychic services. 

It's also crucial to find vetted, professional, real, and overall best psychics for you.

Below is a list of mediums and psychics that you can trust to help narrow down your search. Many of them work with various tools, and you can choose from tarot card readings, crystal readings, astrology, and more.

Let's get to it!

Best Online Psychic Readers and Websites

First Look 

While there are quite literally thousands of excellent psychics and mediums to choose from, here are our top 5 picks at a glance:

  • Kasamba - Best psychics for LOVE (70% OFF)
  • Keen - 1000s of advisors, clairvoyants, and mediums (10 minutes for $1.99)
  • AskNow - Convenient phone psychic readings (FIVE minutes free*)
  • Psychic Source - Compassionate readings ($1.00/minute rates)
  • Oranum - Access LIVE streamed video sessions for FREE

1. Kasamba – Expert Psychic Readers on Love, Dating & Heartbreak

If matters of the heart are currently front and center in your life and demanding your full attention, then you need to consult the Love Experts at Kasamba for an online psychic reading - to try and find your happy ending.

  • Talented & compassionate Psychics available 24/7
  • First 3 minutesFREEwith each new advisor
  • Over 20 years of experience providing quality online readings
  • Specializing in psychic readings on love & relationships
  • Money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your reading

2. Keen – Largest Community Of Psychics Online

With over 20 years of experience and the largest community of psychics on the internet, Keen is one of the most trusted sites out there for all your questions regarding life, career, finances, relationships, and love.

  • First 3 minutes of your initial reading are FREE
  • Introductory offer of 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Easy to find the psychic advisor that’s right for you
  • A large selection of advisors & psychic readings to choose from
  • Real-time customer reviews help you find the best Psychics

3. AskNow – Providing Trusted Psychic Guidance Since 2005

Offering a large selection of thoroughly screened and vetted psychics to advise you, AskNow is one of the top online psychic reading sites for providing enlightened guidance to deal with any problem that might currently be challenging you.

  • Introductory deals for as low as $1 a minute
  • Five free Master Minutes with your first reading
  • Answer to one free question from a live Psychic with each introductory offer
  • A large selection of Psychics & specialties to choose from 
  • Money back guarantee of up to 5 minutes if dissatisfied

Why Should You Trust These Online Psychic Reading Websites?

In the past, psychic readings were considered something both exotic and hard to find. Not to mention that without a recommendation, finding a legitimate psychic was like trying to pick a needle out of a haystack. 

Nowadays, with the proliferation of Psychic sites available online, the questions around getting a Psychic reading have changed from “where can I find a real Psychic?” to what’s the best and most affordable online site?

So if you want to know where you can go for a psychic reading by a top advisor that won’t blow up your budget, take a look at what’s been compiled here regarding the best sites out there for an affordable and accurate online psychic reading.

Best Online Psychic Reading Platforms - Detailed Reviews

1. Kasamba – Best Online Psychics for all Matters of the Heart

If you've scoured the internet in search of the best psychics before, then chances are you’ve heard of Kasamba. 

As one of the leading psychics and medium services, Kasamba has an army of certified, intelligent, friendly mediums at its disposal to give you accurate, empathetic spiritual readings and guidance. 

With such a wide range of spiritual consultants available, you can find an advisor that resonates with you within minutes. 

>> Get 70% OFF your first LOVE reading on Kasamba <<

Extensive list of services available

Indeed, another significant benefit of Kasamba is its extensive list of services; they offer crystal readings, tarot card readings, dream analysis, past life readings, astrology readings, numerology readings, and many other accurate readings.

Special offers - 70% OFF + 3-minutes free

Furthermore, Kasamba offers 3 free psychic reading minutes, so you get a feel for the medium, their skills, and if you two resonate with one another. It’s also a pretty great way to enjoy a free psychic reading online as a beginner.

Unfortunately, their website is a little difficult to navigate, making your first experience with them slightly challenging. Still, Kasamba's friendly customer service team is there to help answer all your questions, and within a few visits, their platform is easy enough to maneuver. 

The Bottom Line

Kasamba is highly rated and employs empathetic professionals to deliver an accurate psychic reading for you.

If you're looking for empathetic, intelligent, and profoundly effective, reliable psychic predictions online, Kasamba has the psychic for you! 


  • Reputable & experienced psychics, tarot readers and more 
  • Extensive list of services 
  • First 3 minutes are FREE
  • Best readings on love, dating and heartbreak
  • Informative & in-depth profiles 
  • Customer ratings for each Advisor 


  • Website is difficult to navigate

2. Keen – 1000s of Spiritual Readers, Clairvoyants, Mediums & More

If you’re looking for a reliable psychic online - another top contender is Keen, one of the most sought-after psychic reading websites in the industry!

In fact, Keen is so effective that they have appearances in Bustle, Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, and more. 

With over 45 million transactions and 11 million reviews, Keen is one of the top contenders for housing the best online psychics in the industry. 

So, what sets Keen apart from other services offering psychic readings online? 

>> Get a 10-minute reading for $1.99 on Keen (cheapest rate online) <<

Your privacy is Keen’s #1 concern

Their unparalleled dedication to your privacy. They hide your phone number, email, and additional personal information under a formidable security system. 

That means that when you interact with an advisor, your psychic medium will be unable to view your phone number (even with caller ID). This ensures a safe and completely anonymous transaction. 

As a result, Keen may be an excellent service to use if you have concerns about your privacy but still want to receive excellent medium services. 

Special offers + affordable rates

Keen also boasts some of the best prices around. The platform offers customers online psychic readings starting from $1.99 per minute - that’s pretty affordable!

Every psychic reading under the sun

On top of that, Keen also offers an impressive amount of online psychic reading services. So whatever question you may have, whether it’s about love, career, family, future, or past - Keen psychics are here to help. You can receive psychic readings by phone, email, or chat.

Another great feature of Keen is that they provide guidance 24/7 as they know that sometimes you need the answers to your questions right then and there. In addition to providing excellent mediums - they also provide tarot readers, oracle readers, fortune telling, crystal healers, and more. 

Of course, like any online psychic reading platform, Keen has some drawbacks. Some complain that the site is too difficult to navigate, making their experience with Keen confusing.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Keen has been around for two decades (they recently celebrated their 20th anniversary) - providing in-depth and accurate psychic readings for their customers.

You don't last that long if you don't provide reliable, dependable services!


  • Formidable privacy procedures 
  • Provides 24/7 guidance
  • Free app for convenient chat psychic reading
  • Largest collection of online psychics
  • Great Introductory offers
  • First 3 minutes are FREE


  • Overwhelming site layout

3. Psychic Source – Best Psychic Website for Compassionate Readings [Free Minutes]

As far as online psychic reading services go - perhaps the most remarkable feature that sets Psychic Source from other spirituality services is their guarantee to try their services risk-free

Their special introductory rate allows customers to chat with one of the best psychics for free before making any financial commitments. 

>> Get a personalized reading on Psychic Source >>

Budget-friendly introductory packages + 3 minutes free

As if that's not enough, Psychic Source also offers added 3 free minutes when you choose a package of 30 minutes, 20 minutes, or 10 minutes of each minute costing one dollar. 

Compassionate psychic advice

Psychic Source delivers on its ability to offer online psychics who truly resonate with their clients. Often, clients say that they feel heard, appreciated, and received genuine and actionable advice. 

Their customer-focused approach is why we’ve ranked them so high on our list of where to find the best online psychics right now. 

Advisors at Psychic Source help clients see the light and see the silver lining in often bleak scenarios. This is great for clients who don't know what they want and need general guidance. 

However, some customers complain that their booking methods aren't time-efficient and need updating. 

The Bottom Line

Customers seem thrilled with their experiences with Psychic Source. Paired with their beginner prices, Psychic Source is an excellent choice for those branching out to try spirituality, psychics, and mediums.

Once they streamline their ways for users to book an appointment, they'll surely be a top pick for many customers.


  • Great introductory price rates 
  • Empathic psychic readers
  • Oldest site for online psychic readings
  • First 3 minutes FREE
  • $1/minute introductory offer


  • Inefficient booking methods 

4. AskNow – Strictly Vetted Phone Psychic Reading Experts (1-888-815-1999)

AskNow is a professional, efficient phone psychic reading service that allows you to receive psychic readings by phone or chat. 

You’ll find that AskNow offers some of the top psychic phone readings online! There are plenty of advisors available to take your call and offer you any type of guidance you may need.

>> Try a FIVE minute free* reading with AskNow <<

$1.00/minute packages + FIVE minutes free

What sets AskNow apart from other psychic services is its reduced pricing options for new customers. When you sign up, you can choose an offer for your first 5 minutes free and then add a dollar per minute. 

Compared to other psychic services, that rate is incredibly generous, which helps solidify new customers' trust in AskNow. 

But, their website is a little challenging to navigate in that you can't search for mediums or divide them up into categories. 

The Bottom Line

All in all, AskNow is one of the most highly rated psychic reading sites on review sites like Trustpilot. 

Whether you’re looking for affordable prices or are looking to pay a bit extra for more accurate services, you’ll find high-quality psychic readings by phone on AskNow.  


  • Reduced pricing for new customers 
  • 15 minutes for only $10
  • Highly-rated, accurate psychic readings
  • Fully-screened, real psychics
  • 5 FREE* minutes for newcomers
  • Phone psychics available 24/7


  • Website makes it hard to find the right psychic 

5. Oranum – Best Free Online Psychic Reading Platform

Oranum has many great perks for clients. To start, creating an account is completely free, so you can browse through their website and resources without having to make any financial commitments. 

>> Join a FREE live session to find your perfect reader on Oranum <<

10,000 FREE coins when you sign up

Additionally, customers can choose between a live video reading or can remain anonymous - plus, all newbies get 10,000 free coins to get a taste of a psychic reading.

Oranum excels in providing subgenres that aren't as available on other psychic reading sites, like pet psychics and the ability to purchase sound baths. 

Rare, unique psychic healing sessions

And, unlike other online psychic reading platforms, Oranum provides healing subcategories ranging from chakra healing to holistic healing. For people looking for a new form of healing focused on energy rather than psychic readers - Oranum offers excellent options.

Extensive library of FREE resources

Oranum also has an extensive library full of free videos, where customers can browse through and find meaningful messages and spiritual advice without paying for a psychic reading session. 

In this way, Oranum is a great website to use if you're getting your feet wet in the spiritual world, as you can see who and what services you connect with before paying any money. 

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, Oranum doesn't have a way to sift through the psychics to find solely psychic mediums. Because of that, you'll be spending some time on their website, combing through a surplus of options. 

Still, with their free library paired with their unique services, Oranum is worth checking out if you’re looking for the best online psychic reading for free.



  • Poor website design

6. Psychic Oz – Among the Most Trusted Psychic Reading Websites



  • Vague refund policy 

While we’ve only ranked this site #6 on our list of the best psychic reading websites, if you're searching for a platform with plenty of positive reviews, Psychic Oz may be the place for you. 

Not only do they have great reviews, but they have the history to back it up. The company has been around for a whopping 20 years - which means that they are reliable, trustworthy, and offer effective services. 

With Psychic Oz, your psychic readings are secure, safe, and completely anonymous. If that's not enough, new customers receive sizable discounts, including an introductory offer of $1 per minute - which is a bargain!

However, Psychic Oz is a bit vague with its refund policy, which means that if you have a negative interaction, it may be difficult to obtain a refund or a credit. 

Unlike other platforms that only offer new client rates, Psychic Oz offers everyday low prices to keep their platform affordable for all users - no matter how long they've been with the company. 

In this regard, Psychic Oz may be an excellent platform for those looking for long-term psychic readings as their prices remain affordable in the long run. 

7. Mysticsense– Best Psychics for Clairvoyant Readings


  • Highly-rated 
  • Free articles 
  • Offers complete refunds


  • Low availability for live psychic readers 

With over 17,000 reviews, Mysticsense is a well-known, sought-out psychic website that easily makes our list of the best psychic reading sites that can help you work through various spirituality issues and roadblocks. 

There are plenty of benefits to choosing Mysticsense. 

For one, the online psychic platform provides many free articles on their website, acting as a resource of information for seekers to find their own information if they want to. Additionally, new clients receive the first 5 minutes completely free. 

Unlike other platforms, Mysticsense also offers a complete refund if you are not satisfied with your reader. This aims to build trust amongst clients, especially newer clients, who may be hesitant to take the jump into getting a psychic reading. 

Another benefit? 

Mysticsense allows you to search through the best psychics with a keyword. This makes finding a medium incredibly easy; type in medium in the search bar, and you will land on a page that advertises all their chat psychics who specialize in medium services. 

Another interesting feature is you can search through personality traits, too. You can search through psychics who are blunt or who are more warm and kind, using their sophisticated search bar.

The biggest drawback is how limited MysticSense is for available online psychics. They currently have two mediums on board, which makes it challenging to use their search tool to find the perfect psychic reader for your needs. 

Once MysticSense adds more mediums to its roster, it could shape up to be one of the leading psyching reading sites in the industry.  

>> Get 50% OFF your first reading with our #1 recommendation <<

8. LifeReader – Cheap Psychic Readings for New Customers



  • Poor website design 

If you're looking for a deal as a new customer, Life Reader provides that and more. While other online psychic reading websites offer new client rates, Life Reader offers new customers an astounding 19 cents per minute for the first 10 minutes, which is nearly 50% off from standard rates. 

In addition to their excellent prices, Life Reader tells you a reader’s percentage review rate so that you can easily see what other clients think about the psychic reader before you book them for an appointment. 

Life Reader provides many services, including free horoscope readings, tarot card readings, guidance on love and relationships, and more. 

The psychic service also offers customers several free articles on guidance, love, friendships, and more. 

By arming their customers with free tools, they better empower you to make spiritually strong choices. The articles are also written by psychic readers who are available for readings; 

Plus, if an article resonates - you can book that psychic reader for a reading!

The biggest drawback is you can't search for psychic mediums in particular. You have to scroll through their group of psychics and find one who specializes in mediumship. 

As a result, Life Reader is best for someone who is looking for a wide range of services and online psychics.

The Best Online Psychic Readings - Not our Favorite Websites (Runner-Ups)

1. Lotus Tarot – Excellent Money-Back Guarantee


  • First 3 minutes free
  • 50% off your first session
  • Access to online tarot card readings
  • Full money-back guarantee


  • Live readers not always available

Lotus Tarot is a free psychic reading online site that offers both automated and live online tarot readings. 

The difference between them is that the automated readings are free and generated by a computer program, while live readings are in a chat format with an actual reader and range from $8-$20 a minute. 

Although it’s advertised that live psychic readers are available 24/7, with only 9 of them listed on the site, there wasn’t anyone online when I visited. If this happens to you, there’s a message explaining that if you urgently need a reading then visit the Kasambasite where live psychic readers are waiting.

>> Get 50% OFF your first reading with our #1 recommendation <<

Aside from online psychic readings, there is also an online course to learn the cards as well as some quizzes to test your smarts when it comes to tarot cards and tarot readings. 

Another feature on the psychic reading site is a numerology section where various reports are available from $8 to $43. 

What’s curious about this is that the samples for each type of report offered use celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey as their subject matter. 

Essentially this is a psychic reading site where you can either fool around with some free stuff or get a numerology report, but if you actually need to speak to professional tarot card readers, you may have to go to <b>Kasamba</b>.

2. PathForward – Great Introductory Offer


  • Introductory $1 a-minute offer
  • Subscribers get a free 10-minute reading
  • New phone app available


  • Not many online reviews

Formerly known as “Hollywood Psychics,” PathForward claims that while its new online look is totally fresh and ultra-modern, it still offers the same reliable and classic service it always did.

This service begins with them firmly standing behind the accuracy and ethics of their Advisors. 

PathForward proudly claims that less than 5% of those who apply to the service actually become readers on the site. In truth, this percentage is pretty much the average for most of the online psychic reading websites in this guide. 

While the written Advisor profiles were all generally informative, there was one particular feature that was unique to this site which I found extremely helpful. 

Each of the psychic readers on PathForward has a recorded greeting, which is important in choosing a Psychic because the quality of a reader’s voice can sometimes make all the difference if they have to share any difficult or strange information. 

With ten, twenty, and thirty-minute introductory packages at $1 a minute, and 3 free minutes with your first reading, PathForward certainly knows how to get you interested. 

After that, though, all their online psychics uniformly charge the same competitive price. 

3. Heal Your Life – Free Psychic Reading Online


  • Angel Card readings are free
  • Aesthetic website layout


  • No live readers available

This is not really an online psychic reading site per se, instead, Heal Your Life (sponsored by Hay House Publishing) leans more toward the spiritual than the psychic. 

With free daily affirmations and meditations offered by some of the Hay House Authors, what is provided here is more contemplative than psychic or otherworldly.

The one type of reading they do offer is automated and called an Oracle Card reading.

The process involved with this requires that you first think of a question, after which you scroll through a deck of metaphysically oriented cards and select whatever one happens to feel right at that moment. 

Of course, this means that instead of receiving a reading, you’re actually giving yourself one. But that’s not to say it isn’t fun. In fact, you may actually be quite surprised when the card you select finally spins around, and you get to see what the answer to your question is. 

In summation, I would say this is a fun site to visit, but there are no online psychics here offering readings.

>> Get 50% OFF your first reading with our #1 recommendation <<

4. Astrology Free Readings – Best for Astrology Readings


  • Great free educational site
  • Free computer-generated horoscopes 
  • Automated daily tarot readings


  • No live readings by humans

If you’re looking for free psychic readings by real psychics, this site may disappoint you. 

That’s because when you click on the free reading option instead of remaining on the “Astrology Free Readings” site, you’ll instead find yourself quickly transported through cyberspace to the Keen psychic website (reviewed in this article), where they definitely charge for readings. 

But don’t despair. 

Even though you won’t get a free reading on Astrology Free Readings, it’s still a great educational site to learn the basics of both Western and Chinese Astrology. 

There are also some other very attractive freebies

For instance, free computer-generated weekly, monthly, and love horoscopes as well as automated online tarot readings for each Astrological sign. Plus, there are articles and essays on various topics related to Astrological and tarot readings, but alas, no free psychic readings online.

Finding Real Psychics, Mediums, and Clairvoyants Online - FAQ

Finding a medium can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re stuck on a budget and need a cheap psychic reading

If you feel lost or stuck, check out the answers to some of these frequently asked questions to help you make better sense of it all when it comes to online psychic readings.

How To Find a Psychic or Medium Near Me (aka online)?

To find a psychic or medium near me (aka you), all you need to do is look online

Luckily, it's easy to find psychics and mediums since so many operate online. You could be on the other side of the country or even the world and still communicate with a psychic reader on an online website like Kasamba or Keen

The other way to find a psychic is to look in your town and find spirituality shops

Usually, shops have psychics who do readings in-house, and many of them employ psychic mediums. If you'd like to see a medium in person, find a local shop near you and call them ahead of time to see if they offer psychic reading services, and if they do, how you can book an appointment. 

What Is the Difference Between a Psychic Medium and a Psychic?

In short, the difference between a psychic and a medium is that a medium can connect to the spirit world, while a psychic reader cannot. 

While many people use these terms interchangeably, there are some significant differences between psychic mediums and psychic readers. A medium can tap into a different realm of spirituality or those who have already crossed over to another life. AKA, they can communicate with those who have passed away. 

A psychic is a broad term for anyone who can tap into their spiritual abilities. Mediums are a type of psychic reader (hence you will often see that someone is a psychic medium), but not all psychics can communicate with the dead. 

What Can I Expect From a Good Psychic Reading Service?

You may have a lot of preconceived notions about what an online psychic reading looks like (like using crystal balls or seances), but the truth is, every psychic works differently

Most of the time, a session with an advisor is a simple conversation where the psychic can tap into your loved ones and answer any questions you might have. 

Of course, some online psychics use different tools like tarot cards, crystals, runes, or other tools of spirituality to better connect with the deceased. 

Different Ways To Get Psychic Readings Online

Similar to in-person psychic readers, online psychics often employ a variety of tools and methods to better communicate with someone who has passed away. 

The way to get an online psychic reading truly depends on the type of advisor and what they believe works best for them. 

Here are some ways mediums conduct their readings:

  • Through an informal conversation between you and the loved one
  • By using psychic tools like tarot cards or energy sticks
  • Through meditation 

What Are the Benefits of a Psychic Reading Online?

There are many benefits to getting a psychic reading online, but the most crucial is closure.

Death cuts us off, sometimes before we can resolve issues with our loved ones. By getting an online psychic reading, you can resolve lingering issues or questions you may have for your loved one. 

Connecting to your deceased loved one may help you spark that love you have for them and may help you feel less hurt knowing that their spirit still remains and that they are in a better place. 

What Does it Mean to be Psychic?

Being a psychic can mean many things to different people. However, there is an old Taoist expression that states, “We can know what the mind does, but we do not know what it is.”

Psychic abilities are probably the best illustration of this. A Medium can speak to your dead relative and share something that only you and the deceased would know, yet where does that come from, and how is it possible? 

Neuroscientists tell us the average person uses only 10% of their brain; if that’s true, then what goes on in the other 90%? Maybe it’s in that remote, unused portion of our awareness that human consciousness is able to connect to the wisdom and secrets of the universe? 

Truth be told, the bottom line is that no one really knows where psychic abilities come from. 

Yet anyone that has either worked with a real psychic or had an actual psychic episode of their own will unequivocally testify that the experience is absolutely real.

Are Psychic Readings Real?

Yes, psychic readings are real. 

How psychic readings actually work might surprise you. It would be easy to assume that the dynamics of an online psychic reading rest solely on the psychic.

Of course, the psychic will be doing just about all the work, but their job can become much more difficult if the person they’re reading for isn’t fully open to what’s going on. 

It’s critical for a customer to realize they must be willing to work together with the online psychic reader. 

The benefits of this cooperation will not only result in a more productive psychic reading but could involve other benefits as well. In some instances, people have noticed an unexpected emergence of their own intuitive abilities after working with a psychic. 

In short, getting a psychic reading is like dancing; someone may be leading, but it takes two to Tango.

Additionally, you can choose from several methods, such as online chat, video, or phone psychic readings

What Should Beginners Know About Their First Psychic Reading?

Getting a good psychic reading is just about finding the best fortune-telling sites.

Seeing a psychic for the first time might be a little jarring, particularly if they tell you things about your life and the people in it that would seem impossible for them to know. 

This is not meant to freak you out but rather to establish your trust in their abilities. It’s also important to keep in mind that a psychic might tell you things that don’t seem to initially make sense. 

On the one hand, this could mean that the advisor you’re with isn’t very good. On the other, it could mean that you have an excellent psychic reader who is actually guiding you toward a new awareness of what your situation may really be about. 

As a result, it’s important to listen carefully to whatever you are told and then afterward trust your own intuition to determine if it makes sense for you or not. 

How Can I Prepare for a Psychic Reading?

If the purpose of your psychic reading isn’t fun or entertainment, then the most important thing to do beforehand would be to confirm with yourself that you actually want to do it. 

Speaking about what’s bothering you isn’t easy; it requires openness, honesty, and courage, so make sure that you’re up for it.

As far as any other sort of preparation, I’ve found it’s usually a good idea to formulate your questions ahead of time. 

Keep in mind that your psychic reading session will be on the clock and cost anywhere from $1 to $20 a minute, so the bill can get expensive rather quickly if you allow the psychic reader to fish around and try to discover what you want to know.

Another thing to consider would be to try some sort of meditation or breathing exercise before your reading. 

It will be easier for the advisor to make a connection, and you’ll be more in harmony with their intention to help if you are calm and focused.

Can I Get a Free Psychic Reading Online?

Whether you can get free psychic readings online really depends on where you go.

Other than the free minutes that many psychic reading websites offer in their introductory deals for new customers, there is, unfortunately, no such thing on the Internet as free online psychic readings with an actual psychic. 

The only free psychic readings I was able to locate online are known as “automated readings,” in which a computer App will give you, I-Ching,  “yes” /“no”, or Tarot readings.

Of course, these online Oracles utilize programmed algorithms. Nevertheless, the answers they provide can sometimes be quite surprising in their accuracy. 

It should also be kept in mind that the vast majority of online psychic reading sites that offer a free psychic reading are also not entirely free. 

Often they will try to sell you the Oracle or Cartomancy deck that was featured in the automated reading.

Therefore the best free psychic reading services that we could find, are either automated cards or astrology tools.

What Tools Do Online Psychics Use?

The majority of tools utilized by psychic advisors are often referred to as “Oracles,” whose general use comes under the heading of “Divination.” 

In a broad sense, Divination is a way to predict future events, although the practice can also be used to reveal hidden truths that can aid us in making decisions and creating better outcomes.

Most forms of Divination incorporate a set of symbols with defined meanings that are then activated through operations of chance, such as tossing coins or shuffling cards, in order to create patterns that will then be interpreted by an operator (the psychic).

Some of the most common forms of Divination used in psychic readings online involve cards, such as the Tarot and Lenormand decks, as well as other types of Oracles, including The I-Ching, The Runes, The Cowrie Shells of Santeria, and Astrology.

Which Is Better: An Online or Offline Psychic Reading?

This question is certainly open to debate, although in my mind, what settles the matter is the overall ubiquitous nature of psychic abilities in general. Let me explain. 

By definition, psychic abilities defy time and space in order to recognize connections between people, objects, and places that would otherwise seem unconnected. 

With that in mind, it shouldn’t matter if you get a phone psychic reading, speak via online chat, or in-person. 

Under any circumstances, the connection between you and a psychic advisor will be valid based on the same metaphysics that allows for the psychic to communicate with whoever or whatever in the universe provides them with information. 

How to Spot a Fake Psychic?

Even though actual psychic abilities have been documented throughout human history, pretending to be a psychic is something that’s been exploited by con artists for almost as long. 

If you’re interested in getting a psychic reading, here are a few tips on how to spot a phony psychic before they separate you from your money.

An obvious red flag when consulting a psychic is if they try to suggest that you are somehow cursed or surrounded by negative energy, especially if the antidote they suggest involves a special (and expensive) spell. 

Don’t be fooled into overpaying for commitment spells or relationship spells, there are also plenty of free love spells you can try yourself. 

Another tactic used by phony online psychics is to keep telling the customer what they want to hear so they will keep coming back for more psychic readings. 

Those going through relationship difficulties are particularly vulnerable to this line of attack, especially if they’re in a love/hate relationship that’s been going on for any length of time. 

All of the psychic reading sites covered in this article police their Advisors fairly well, though if a psychic reader you’ve been working with has tried anything shady during a psychic reading session, or attempted to contact you outside of the site where you met them, don’t hesitate to report it immediately. 

Dishonest online psychic readers are bad for everyone, both their clients and colleagues. 

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites - The Takeaway

As the world embraces spirituality and alternative religions, more and more online psychic advisors are embracing their gifts to help the world around them.

It’s important to do your research and find a vetted psychic to provide all of your spiritual needs. Our top picks like Kasamba, Keen, and AskNow are widely recognized as reputable psychic reading services, with well-qualified online psychics and discounted price options.

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