CES 2018: Baby Tech Summit focuses on 'smart' products for parents

Posted: 3:07 PM, Jan 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-12 23:07:39Z

CES focuses on the latest technology, including what may be popular with parents and their little ones.

A Baby Tech Summit was held this year with topics on feeding, the connected "smart" nursery and millennials powering the baby tech industry.

"I think the future of the connected nursery is very similar to the future of the connected home," said Ann Crady Weiss, CEO of Hatch Baby, during a panel on connected nurseries. "Everything will get easier, everything will be hands-free, voice enabled. I think there's no question that the baby nursery will follow the rest of the smart home and tech."

For many companies, it's important that all the new technology work together to make a complete experience for parents, said Dulcie Madden, CEO of Mimo Baby, during the panel. 

Project Nursery has unveiled a line of nursery products, including baby monitors, smart lights and soothers, all compatible with Amazon Alexa. 

Then there's Cocoon Cam . It's a typical smart baby monitor with two-way audio and video and helps keep track of a baby's day-to-day activities. But it also monitors a baby's breathing through a monitor placed over the crib that looks like a golf club. 

Cocoon Cam advisor Andreas Birnik said it's different from other devices that monitor breathing because it does not need to be attached to the baby. 

"It's entirely non-invasive," he said. "It's a passive technology. We take the video feed from the camera and we process it using artificial intelligence algorithms on the back end."

Another product that is being released this year cleans bottles and other baby products, such as pacifiers, without using water, rather a UV light. The Ellie is compact and also holds a one week charge. 

"Naturally, we look for the ... population that needs protection the most from harmful bacteria and we thought about babies," said Yitao Liao, chief innovation officer for RayVio and creator of the Ellie. 

BlueSmart Mia is being called the first smart baby bottle feeding system. It tracks baby's feeding in real-time with temperature, angle, amount and direction while syncing the information on an app. 

"For the working moms, busy moms, when they are in the office and have nannies taking care of the baby, you can still know exactly what's going on with your baby's feeding anytime, anywhere," said Gisela Xie, co-founder of BlueSmart Mia.