UPDATE: Tips to avoid garage door opener theft

UPDATE: With garage door opener thefts on the rise, what can residents do to avoid being a target?

There are easy ways to keep the garage door opening like the deactivation cord, which by pulling disengages the door from the motor so the garage door won't open. Depending on the garage door opener, there might be a button to lock it.

13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert Randy Sutton recommends if people want to keep the opener in the car to at least keep it locked in the glove box.

"This is the beacon to the bad guys. They glance into your car. They see this, they see the possibility of not only getting into your car but getting into your house," said Sutton, a retired Las Vegas police lieutenant.
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- People in a valley neighborhood near Town Center Drive and Charleston Boulevard are on edge after thieves targeted their cars.
The scary part, in some cases, is that their garage door openers are being taken, which is allowing the thieves to gain entry to their homes.
"You can tell they are pretty organized and they can get in and out pretty fast," said victim Wes Taylor.
Las Vegas police say this type of crime is happening a lot across the Las Vegas valley.
Neighbors shared surveillance video with each other on a neighborhood watch website. The video showed the same pickup truck and the same man going house to house.
"We noticed that the same person was walking checking out our car," said Heather Youngson.
The Taylor family had all sorts of things taken including their house key, their mailbox key, their car key, battery powered drills, saws and other tools.
The crimes happened around 3 a.m. Saturday.
If you know anything at all about the incidents, you are urged to call police. Las Vegas police urge people to bring their garage door openers inside.
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