DIRTY DINING: Red Shrimp Company, China Inn and more

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - Dirty Dining is back on Wednesday nights. And with this first Dirty Dining of the new year, we have got a doozy!

Red Shrimp Company on Jones Boulevard and Flamingo Road is a small restaurant with big demerits. 

We fought a language barrier to talk to owner Fu Li Ma about her 39-demerit C grade, which she blamed on a problem with the hot water.

There was also food at unsafe temperatures and dirty conditions in the kitchen. Health inspectors saw an employee touch a trash can and then process food without washing hands. There was lots of dried food debris on the handles of the rice warmer.

There was cooked beef and chicken and broccoli that was at unsafe temperature, raw chicken wasn't properly stored, food was uncovered and dirty containers.

Fu Li Ma denies all of this. She says everything is better now and shows us how parts of a broken ceiling have been fixed.

"I change new ceiling. This one is new ceiling. Everything is clean."

But when we go back into the kitchen, we find one violation -- what was uncovered before in the freezer is uncovered again. 

The Health District required Red Shrimp Company to attend a second supervisory conference due to non-compliance. 

Ma says they've hired a food safety consultant to help them out.

Our first closure came at China Inn on Boulder Highway and Palo Verde Drive in Henderson. 

Inspectors found two imminent health hazards: lack of adequate refrigeration and sewage backing up onto the kitchen floor, contaminating open buckets of food and sauce. 

But that's just the tip of this dirty iceberg. 

China Inn could star in a whole new series called "Kitchen Horror Stories." There's blood literally dripping out of a cooler onto the kitchen floor. 

The make table they were using to prepare food was tagged out of service by an inspector in July but still being used. All the food in it was in the temperature danger zone. 

Exposed meat, some of it stored in a dirty cardboard box, was freezer-burned. Literally all the kitchen equipment, including the steam table, containers and shelves were dirty. And the sauce cart is such a disaster area it's almost like they were trying to cross-contaminate everything. 

There was food debris on equipment stored as clean and a wok was being stored on the filthy floor. The layers of food debris suggest that floor hasn't seen a mop in some time.

There were two other imminent health hazard closures. 

The snack bar at American Mini Mart on Pyle Avenue and Pollock Street was shut down for having no hot water. 

And El Pollo Mobile No. 2 on Rainbow Boulevard and Smoke Ranch Road was shut down because of a broken sink making it impossible for employees to properly wash their hands.

Red Shrimp Company and El Pollo Mobile are back to A grades. 

China Inn and American Mini Mart's snack bar are still closed.

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