13 Most Haunted Places in Las Vegas | 2018

In the spirit of Halloween, here are 13 of the most haunted places in Las Vegas.

1. Bally's hotel-casino: Bally's is built on the site of the former MGM Grand Hotel, which nearly burnt down on Nov. 21, 1980. The fire, which started in a deli, killed 85 people and injured 650. Most of the deaths were the result of smoke inhalation after people were trapped in stairwells while trying to escape. Others died in their sleep. It is said that some of those who died during that fire now roam the halls of the hotel and haunt the employee restrooms. Employees have even reported seeing a group of ghosts who walk around together.

2. Las Vegas Hilton (now known as the Westgate): If you believe some of the employees and guests, Elvis has definitely not left the building. Elvis performed at the LVH (originally the International Hotel) beginning in July 1969. He was a regular there for 7 years and became a Las Vegas legend during that time. Many people have reported seeing the ghost of Elvis hanging around the showroom and upper-floor hallways. The ghost has also reportedly been spotted hanging around the backstage elevator, which led to the green room (his favorite place to be).

3. Liberace Museum: More than one ghost has been reported at the former Liberace Museum on East Tropicana Avenue. Employees and construction workers reported seeing a mysterious shadow figure near Liberace's dressing room during an extensive remodel and renovations several years ago. Also, the ghost of Liberace reportedly haunted the now-closed Carluccio's restaurant across the parking lot. Liberace would often invite friends to the restaurant, which used to be called Tivoli Gardens, and cook for them and play the piano during their visit.

4. Dell H. Robinson Middle School: New students to the school have reported seeing an old man walking the halls. He appears to be a janitor and has blood on his hands. The ghost allegedly follows the new students home and then haunts their dreams. For some reason, this apparently only happens to new students from outside of Nevada. The hauntings allegedly continue until the new students go to church.

5. Edwards Elementary School: Fourth-grade teachers and students have reported seeing a girl dressed in white following the students. She is often seen in room 26 and in the computer room. The girl is supposedly a former student of the school who enrolled in 1990 and died during her first year. She was in the fourth grade at the time and that is why only the teachers and students in the grade can see her.

6. Circus Circus: Guests and employees of the hotel-casino have reported hearing loud cries for help in the casino's poker rooms and in rooms 123, 230, 576 and 203. The words "Help Me" have also reportedly appeared on bathroom mirrors. One story says a woman who was staying in room 123 shot her young child and then committed suicide and that it is the little boy who is crying for help.

7. Fox Ridge Park: Fox Ridge Park in Henderson is said to be haunted by a young boy who appears on the swings at midnight. According to the story, the ghost is a boy who was killed after he ran in front of a car near the park. Regular visitors to the park say other ghosts have also been spotted there, but the young boy is the most frequent. Some people say the ghost of the boy is angry and will take on a demonic form if he is bothered.

8. Luxor: The Luxor is rumored to be haunted by at least 5 ghosts. Three of the ghosts are allegedly construction workers and two of them are guests who reportedly committed suicide by jumping from the hotel's open hallways onto the casino floor. One of the suicide ghosts is reportedly a woman who hangs around in the hallways on the 12th and 14th floors. Guests say that they often feel cold spots in the hallways and report the feeling of someone breathing on their neck.

9. Flamingo Las Vegas: It is said the ghost of infamous Bugsy Siegel, who was killed in December 1946, can be seen by the pool in the late evening hours or in the Presidential Suite and the wedding chapel, which was supposedly built on the site of his old apartment. His ghost has been reported hundreds of times over the years by employees and guests.

10. Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts: The ghost of an elderly man named Mr. Petre has been reported in the main theater at Las Vegas Academy in downtown Las Vegas. According to some, Mr. Petre used to live on the property before the theater was built in the 1930s and was a janitor for the school. Others say he was a teacher. Another ghost reportedly plays the piano in the theater. The invisible pianist is rumored to be Will Lowden, the son of school benefactors Sue and Paul Lowden, who died as a teenager.

11. Zak Bagan's The Haunted Museum. The museum is located inside the former Wengert house. Cyril S. Wengert was a prominent businessman in Las Vegas in the 1930s. It is said that several hostile spirits have roamed the house throughout the years. In addition, there are rumors that the basement of the home was used for dark rituals in the 1970s. The museum now features 30 rooms filled with a variety of objects, including a box considered to the world's most haunted object.

12. Oasis Motel. The Oasis Motel is said to be haunted by world-famous poker champion Stu Ungar and actor David Strickland ("Suddenly Susan"), who were both found dead in the motel. Strickland reportedly hung himself with a bed sheet and Ungar died after a mixture of narcotics and painkillers aggravated a heart condition. The motel was also briefly shut down in the past because of prostitution.  

13. Bonnie Springs Ranch is considered one of the most haunted places in the Las Vegas valley. Guests have claimed seeing a little girl in the school house, the merry-go-round spinning on its own despite the lack of wind, and hearing voices in the wax museum. People have also claimed to see a shadowy figure following them in the opera house.

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