Paulina Bucka

Anchor, Multimedia Journalist

Paulina Bucka is a first generation Polish immigrant who grew up in Brooklyn, NY. As a child she would attend Saturday Polish school and local Sunday Polish mass. Her native tongue has stayed with her into adulthood.

After graduating college, Bucka traveled to California where she got her foot through the door at KPIX, in San Francisco. She started as a production assistant and worked her way to assignment editor. She got her first big on-air break, after fellow colleagues helped her put a tape together and the rest as we say it ‘is history.’

Landing her first job in Redding, CA, Bucka covered general assignment stories including a national story of two young children found in barrels in a storage unit.

Her next market took her to Lafayette, LA where she fell in love with Cajun culture and found out the true meaning of Cajun cuisine. Louisiana was no match for the fiery New Yorker, who happily chased hurricanes, flooding and gators by day and anchored by night. Bucka also created, shot and edited a weekly driving segment on odd and current driving rules in Lafayette called ‘Buckle Up With Bucka.’

Louisville, KY was her next destination. During the height of the pandemic, she worked as a weekend anchor covering stories about protocol, procedures and latest COVID developments. When social justice protests broke out following Brianna Taylor’s death, Bucka spoke to protestors and the group seen protecting an officer. When her contract ended she went back home to New York before moving to Albany, New York for the next year.

While she started working at a local station, Bucka realized there was a bigger need in the community for stories to be told in a different way. Following a passion project inspired by her own life events and those of the pandemic she created a mental health podcast ‘And That’s Okay.’ The podcast kept her away from television, but created a pathway for others to continue mental health discussions.

KTNV caught Bucka's eye, with their commitment to mental health. She will be covering stories of mental health, as well as general assignment stories. Feel free to send her your story ideas, and local food recommendations.

Bucka is joining the team with her pup named Gypsy and her cats Gucco and Maya. She’s excited to understand what an authentic Vegas experience actually means.