Tips on how to prevent from falling victim to 'Home Stealing'

A crime epidemic has hit the US that no one is talking about. 

And we should be, because it impacts anyone who owns a home, townhouse or apartment. It’s called “home title fraud",  a form of house-stealing that can leave people broke and literally homeless. 

Here’s how it works:A cyber thief, or even someone you know steals your identity and transfers your home’s title to his or her name. It’s easy to do too, just a little paper work and a small fee. Once a crook has control of your title, they can transfer your home into their name, take out a loan and stick you with the payments, sell your home and even have you evicted. Or perhaps a relative or caretaker fraudulently changes a title to inherit a home willed to someone else. 

Victims usually lose an average of $100,000 and losses in the last year alone were over 5 billion dollars.  House-stealing is fast growing because there’s a significant payday and very little chance of being prosecuted. If it happens to you, your local police department will tell you to go hire a civil attorney. 

But, there are things people can do to prevent it in the first place. 

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