Special yoga helps 1 October survivors, first responders cope with trauma


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - The events of 1 October took a toll on the Las Vegas community both physically and emotionally. A year later, many people are still trying to cope with the trauma of that night. 

But in precise movement and steady, deep breaths some are finding a vulnerability and also security. 

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"After trauma we suddenly feel like the world is unfriendly or unsafe," said Joyce Bosen.

Bosen teaches Trauma Recovery Yoga or T.R.Y. She has taught many classes since the 1 October tragedy.

"We worked with the coroners and some police officers, firefighters and 911 operators," Bosen said.

It is yoga altered for people suffering from anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress. There is no music or chanting. No triggers. There is just uninterrupted physical, mental and spiritual peace. 

It's the kind of peace Li Shey Johnson couldn't even find in her own home until she met Bosen for private sessions at her home.

"It's one of the most rewarding, wonderful experiences since October 1," said Johnson.

She was a part of the staff that worked the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 

"I was just basically trampled over that night," Johnson said. "I felt as though the shooter was on top of my head."

A year later she has just had surgery on her shoulder. It was delayed due to her symptoms from post-traumatic stress disorder. Insomnia and wanting to be free of more than a dozen prescribed medications overruled her skepticism that T.R.Y. could work for her. 

"It was the best sleep that I'd had in about 10 months," Johnson said. "She put me to sleep. I even missed Bible study."

It allowed her to finally reclaim her safe place. 

"She made me feel as though I mattered," Johnson said, fighting back tears.  

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