UPDATE: Man arrested in theft of Ring doorbell at Las Vegas business

UPDATE JUNE 15: The man involved in the doorbell theft has been arrested, Las Vegas police confirm.

Kristopher Dabash was arrested on charges of petit larceny and conspiracy to commit a non-felony.

After releasing surveillance video earlier this week, Big Boy Bamboo founder Andrew DiMino had received information that the male suspect was Dabash and reported it to police.

Dabash was in custody at the Clark County Detention Center Tuesday on unrelated charges. In a call recorded in jail, Dabash denied being the man in the video.

When police interviewed him at jail to get a statement, he declined giving a statement but said, "I was going to buy a new one, but not a good idea for me to go back."


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Thieves stole a Ring Video Doorbell from a Las Vegas business last week, but seemed to be unaware the business owner was watching them commit the crime.

Andrew DiMino is the founder of Big Boy Bamboo, a T-shirt company in east Las Vegas, near Pecos Road and Patrick Lane. He was on vacation last week when he got a notification from his Ring Video Doorbell alerting him that someone was outside of his business. 

"I said to my girlfriend, I said, 'We're being robbed!'" DiMino said. 

He immediately contacted police and reviewed the video.

The doorbell captured a man and a woman approaching the $200 doorbell. They discuss how they're going to pry it off the wall then use tools to do so. They take the doorbell and drive off. 

"I think they were stupid. I don't see how you can not know you're being recorded," DiMino said. 

Security expert Zion Barkley is the president of Luxury Electronics Inc., a company that installs security systems in Las Vegas.

Barkley said it's not the first time he's heard of thieves stealing Ring Video Doorbells. However, he would still recommend purchasing the device or other kinds of surveillance cameras. 

"If someone's going to rob a house they're going to check if there's cameras there first," Barkley said. 

DiMino plans to replace his doorbell in the coming weeks. 

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