Las Vegas suspect in custody for alleged involvement in fatal road rage shooting

Las Vegas police took a suspect into custody on Thursday, in connection with the recent road rage homicide.

44-year-old Tammy Meyers was shot and killed during the Feb. 12 incident.

The LVMPD took the suspect in custody around 1 p.m. in connection to Meyers' death, following a standoff. He was transported to police headquarters to be interviewed.

No further details have been released in regard to the arrest.

Leading up to the shooting, Meyers had left her home with her 15-year-old daughter to teach her how to drive. They drove to a nearby school to practice in the parking lot.

At the conclusion of the lesson, Meyers got back in the drivers seat and back on a public roadway. While driving through a neighborhood, she was encountered by a vehicle that was speeding up behind her.

The vehicle then pulled up beside Meyers, and her daughter reached over and honked the horn. As she beeped the horn, the driver sped past, pulled in front of Meyers, stopped and the driver exited. He approached Meyers' vehicle with her daughter inside and said some words to them.

Frightened, Meyers then sped past the suspect and went home.

Police said when they got home, Meyers told her daughter to wake up her 22-year-old son who was in bed. She wanted him to come outside and get in the car with her so they could find the person who frightened them.

The son came out of the house, armed with a firearm registered to him, and they left the house.

Meyers and the suspect found each other. At one point, Meyers was following the suspect vehicle and at another point, they broke apart and Meyers went home.

As she drove home, she was then encountered by the suspect vehicle. As they pulled into their home, Meyers and her son exited the vehicle. As she exited, the suspect vehicle approached and there was a volley of rounds fired.

The son then returned fire. When the firing was done, the son realized his mother had been shot. Police do not believe it was his rounds that hit Meyers.

The suspect vehicle then took off.