Husband of Tammy Meyers admits shooting not related to road rage

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The husband of Tammy Meyers, the mother of four who was shot outside of her home, is speaking out today, just one day after the suspect appeared in court for the first time.

Robert Meyers says his children were too traumatized in the early days after the shooting to tell him and Las Vegas police detectives the full story of what happened the night his wife was killed. He says that is why his account has changed so drastically over the last couple of weeks. He now admits that the shooting was not related to road rage.

Robert Meyers spoke out in an interview with ABC News, which aired on "Good Morning America."

Attorneys for Erich Nowsch are preparing to argue that the 19 year old was in fear of his life and acted in self-defense.

Nowsch's attorneys say they are trying to figure out why their client's story is so different from the Meyers family.

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A lot of questions remain as to what exactly caused the confrontation between Meyers and Nowsch and the district attorney says that he has heard rumors about drugs, but is focused right now on getting a conviction for the deadly shooting.

Las Vegas District Attorney Steve Wolfson says he is not ruling out the possibility of seeking the death penalty in the case.