Erich Nowsch's attorneys say case will go before grand jury

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Defense attorneys for Erich Nowsch, the 19-year-old man accused of shooting mother Tammy Meyers, says they have been notified the district attorney intends to take the case to the grand jury.

Nowsch's attorneys say that this is a tactic the prosecution uses when they don't have enough evidence for an indictment at a preliminary hearing.


The process happens in a closed courtroom and the defense is not allowed to give their side of the story.

If this case does end up going to a grand jury, Conrad and Augustus Claus won't be able to cross examine the defendant and Nowsch will only have the chance to answer questions from the state, whose objective is to prove his guilt.

The defense can't object to any of those questions and they can't bring in any witnesses of their own.

The district attorney's office also picks the grand jurors and controls all the evidence presented. Nowsch's lawyers say that this will make their jobs much harder, but the district attorney says he is sticking to the facts of the case.

Ultimately, whatever happens during the grand jury will be handed over to the defense and they will have an opportunity to call things into questions. But, that might not happen until after the trial has begun if Nowsch is indicted,.

It would be the worst case scenario for the defense team.